World Cup 2014

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I see from Anglo Info many places are showing the WC  curfew or not. Anyone here have any suggestions the best places to watch the games and is there any problem getting home afterwards.


sukhumvit george 1402309002

Good question, is the curfew going to be a problem? Then again what pubs would expect a crowd at 5am?

greta-876962 1402473199

Not sure about the curfew, although some matches are at 11 pm. Also I now see that True Visions are showing all 64 games in HD as well. I see Anglo Info have the Match schedule in their whats on section.

tea42-878301 1403073405

It's a;so on free TV Channel 7. Btw the true channels you can see it are for SD 99 and HD 668.

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