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Hi, where can we find a place close to BKK that does white water rafting? TIA

started by: Christine-447913 · last update: 1226483829 · posted: 1225469825

Anywhere in Bangkok that runs self defence classes for women?

started by: Herzog · last update: 1226473723 · posted: 1225984511

Hi, I'm interested in any ideas for sporty/active stuff to do in Bangkok or within a days drive. All suggestions welcome!

started by: h.angel · last update: 1225097443 · posted: 1224926921

For those that enjoy tennis don't miss Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe on the 22nd November in Bangkok. Can't be missed!

started by: NickB-449588 · last update: 1224359806 · posted: 1224275460

Looking for an indoor and hopefully aircon footie pitch?

started by: swp-449542 · last update: 1223927681 · posted: 1223845800

Hi there, fairly new in Bangkok and looking for some social running clubs...there must be a few about???

started by: Gonzales-448474 · last update: 1223924352 · posted: 1223735558

Where can I find some savate lessons in Bangkok?

started by: vernon.v · last update: 1222509019 · posted: 1217276278

Hey...Is there any teams playing softball in Bangkok?

started by: Frasier-449352 · last update: 1222451802 · posted: 1222073482

Looking for a social and friendly expat golf club to join while I'm in Bangkok?

started by: Roliman · last update: 1222367767 · posted: 1222367767

I need a good English speaking physiotherapist and preferably one that has some experience in sports injuries. Thanks in advance for any help.

started by: SuzanneJames · last update: 1221991197 · posted: 1221915471

Hi, can anyone confirm what is the latest line up that is definitely confirmed for the tennis open starting tomorrow?

started by: Maxim-449282 · last update: 1221479130 · posted: 1221392014

Hi all, I used to do a lot of indoor climbing and would like to take it up again but I'm not sure if an indoor climbing wall exists in Bangkok?

started by: Minni.M · last update: 1221425931 · posted: 1220532928

Hi all, where can I find a decent badminton court in Bangkok? I've seen plenty of tennis courts about, but we fancy a game of badminton.

started by: Tony.S-449268 · last update: 1221405793 · posted: 1221242754

Where can I find a new Ping Pong table for sale in Bangkok. No idea where to look hence this question!

started by: Vick-447220 · last update: 1220256656 · posted: 1214898930

I was reading a Bangkok Post that someone had left in Starbucks a few days ago about a huge park/green space with lots of trees and bicycles for rent, on the Southern edge of the river. I didn't write down the location or how to get there, but it sounds superb so would love to go there some day. Can anyone tell me more, especially the how to get there part? Vickie

started by: jasmine..j · last update: 1220091329 · posted: 1219264610

Hi, I used to do a lot of Tai Chi but because of one reason or another haven't managed to find the time lately. I don't want to take regular classes but was wondering if anyone knew whether expats could join in the Tai Chi that is practised in Bangkok's parks early in the morning?

started by: KhunKim · last update: 1219613983 · posted: 1218818863

We will be travelling to Hua Hin in a few months for a wedding and not sure where to stay. Can anyone recommend a good child friendly hotel or resort in Hua Hin which is fairly central? Thanks.

started by: Rick.A · last update: 1219503318 · posted: 1218713262

Hi, a friend of mine is coming to stay and he's mad keen on wakeboarding. We'll be paying a couple of visits to pataya but in between those, are there any wakeboarding lakes close to Bangkok?

started by: Nora-447919 · last update: 1218901856 · posted: 1218146861

HI. I'm hoping to get some recommendations for the best spa in Thailand. Can be anywhere and any budget. Hope you have some ideas? Nora

started by: h.angel · last update: 1218719146 · posted: 1218570399

A couple of years ago when I wasn't living in bangkok I remember reading something about a tennis tournament that had a few of the better players involved. Does anyone know whether this is an annual tournament and if so when it's held? Tks

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