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hi..which of the many internet hotel booking sites would people recommend...big choice and not sure which one to use or trust. thanks anyway

started by: Ice-447944 · last update: 1216764258 · posted: 1216745493

I'd like to watch some Asian football, looks a bit like volleyball but they play with their feet. I was watching some on TV at the weekend and it got me interested. Can I watch a proper game live anywhere in Bangkok?

started by: VK SIMS · last update: 1215209616 · posted: 1215106777

Hello, has anyone recently taken a train for any distance in Thailand, specifically the journey to Chiang Mai. I've got a romantic notion to try the train on my next visit rather than rushing up in an aeroplane. Or am I being foolish? Any comments welcome, thanks. VK

started by: cal34z · last update: 1214760896 · posted: 1214636791

not sure whether anyone will know on this blog, but i'm trying to find out some information about climbing in krabi? where to go, who to contact, any equipment or lessons available? i've done a bit of searching on the web but can't find much information?

started by: cal34z · last update: 1214756645 · posted: 1214640672

Hi all again ... where can i buy muay thai or thai boxing equipment in bangkok? where is the best location to see some real (not put on for tourists) muay thai in action?

started by: Jim Brophy · last update: 1213744230 · posted: 1213612955

I am thinking about driving (one way) to phuket with my 2 sons...can anyone recommend route to take...and overnight stopping places on the way

started by: freebe · last update: 1213355518 · posted: 1213275437

Personally am not so keen on Thai massages, a bit too painful for my liking, but I have some friends coming over to stay and they consider themselves experts on all types of massage and want to try a Thai massage. Only legitimate massages, not the "body" massage you frequently see advertised!! Any recommendations, thanks? Freebe

started by: anon-448192 · last update: 1213200705 · posted: 1212044436

Hi, I'm interested in taking up Tai Chi but not sure of anywhere that offers English language classes?

started by: petejames · last update: 1213090203 · posted: 1206382741

Anyone know of a golf driving range in or close to Sathorn that doesn't cost a fortune?

started by: fuzio · last update: 1212670373 · posted: 1212478069

Is the permanent importation of a yacht into Thailand as difficult as importing a car?

started by: carlito123 · last update: 1211406209 · posted: 1211027108

I am looking for any Reiki healing or Meditation groups in Bangkok. Thank you.

started by: Mort-447883 · last update: 1211273691 · posted: 1210852528

Hi all, I want to get out of Bangkok and have already done Hua Hin and Pattaya, so was looking for somewhere new. I've got a young kid and want to show him some forests and mountains. I was thinking about Khao Yai, but not sure what its like, how long does it takes to get there, is it ok in the rainy season and any other useful information? Many thanks.

started by: catrina.s · last update: 1211273357 · posted: 1210953081

Hi, I'm looking to start with some yoga classes again and would like to try some Iyengar yoga which I haven't tried before. Are there any classes in bangkok cat

started by: Jerome-447729 · last update: 1210364120 · posted: 1203665083

I'm coming to Thailand for holiday, five day in Bangkok, five day in Chiang Mai and ten day in Koh Samui. I need a really good place to stay for a romantic couple in all of these location and want to understand peoples feeling about good hotels in Thailand?

started by: Mountain Mama · last update: 1209715360 · posted: 1199991309

I was considering taking up diving to supplement the swimming I've just started doing more regularly. Can someone recommend a good place to go to get certified? I've got a bit of holiday coming up, so a vacation/dive class combo is what I'm hoping for. Thanks.

started by: georgia peach-447972 · last update: 1209390305 · posted: 1207236559

Anyone got some good recommendations for any English speaking personal trainers here in Bangkok?Georgia

started by: mitchell-447866 · last update: 1209025330 · posted: 1208590229

I'm thinking about chartering a small yacht for a few days and instead of going to Samui or Phuket was wondering what the sailing was like around the Pataya/Koh Chang region. Has anyone sailed there before and is it possible to rent a small boat in the area?

started by: Tamsin-447832 · last update: 1208201828 · posted: 1205340558

A friend of mine from the US was telling me about Hot Yoga where the room is heated right up, so that you're less likely to get muscle strain. Sounds a great idea, but does anyone know where you can find hot yoga classes in Bangkok? Tamsin

started by: Sun-447304 · last update: 1207152813 · posted: 1207061943

Hi all, I'm looking for a real good Thai restaurant for my relatives recently arrived in Bangkok. Personally, I don't like Thai food as it's spicy and creamy but they do. Has anyone ever dined at Sukhumvit number 1? Is it good?

started by: Jo-447859 · last update: 1206888821 · posted: 1206723040

I've been running quite a bit recently and am looking to do a 10 K race or maybe even a half marathon. Anyone know if there are any planed in the near future? Jo

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