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Hi all, I'm planning to go to Krabi next month but am not sure which way is the best way to get there from Bangkok. Are there any flights that fly directly to Krabi?

started by: Huai · last update: 1205509694 · posted: 1198999490

I'm looking for a good recipe to cook Pad Thai? Has anyone got one they'd like to share?Huai

started by: Gemma-447196 · last update: 1205391502 · posted: 1191074692

Does anyone know where I can go to learn how to cook authentic Thai food. Whenever I try from recipe's, it always comes out like Thai restaurants in London - a bit bland and nothing like the real thing. Where do I go to learn how to cook the real thing?!Gemma

started by: amadeus-447254 · last update: 1204961261 · posted: 1204315181

I'm looking for a really nice spa in bangkok so I can give my wife a birthday present of some spa treatments. Not being into spas myself I've no idea which is one of the better ones? Doesn't matter where it is in Bangkok, but it's got to be good!Amadeus

started by: Vick-447220 · last update: 1204137754 · posted: 1188809160

I'm getting a bit fed up with my yoga classes. Can anyone recommend a good class, English speaking in Bangkok. Thanks. Vickie

started by: nip4u · last update: 1203604509 · posted: 1203358249

I'm a retired kid who loves the freedom and adventure that cycling offers but not alone. Can anyone tell me if there is a regular cycling group in Bangkok that welcomes the challenge of exploring the city by bicycle? Thank you. KAD

started by: zzz · last update: 1203010033 · posted: 1202557432

I'm looking to start playing football on a regular basis but not too competitive. Are there any leagues or clubs especially for people over 30? zzz

started by: James-447675 · last update: 1202993216 · posted: 1202849130

I'm looking to do some fishing close to Bangkok, preferably some sea fishing. Not sure whether there are any day fishing charter trips that are available that I could do as a day trip from Bangkok? Bond

started by: Nik-447386 · last update: 1202464174 · posted: 1202371822

Is there a beach closer to Bangkok than in Pattaya? Nik

started by: Squirrel-447328 · last update: 1202304853 · posted: 1201964284

Any thoughts on where some squash courts and league are, here in Bangkok? Squirrel

started by: Madeline-447287 · last update: 1201027803 · posted: 1200661835

I'm planning to go to Pattaya next weekend and would like to know what's the best way to get there. Any suggestions are welcome!

started by: Golfer1-447188 · last update: 1200772430 · posted: 1196886460

I've been spending some time at the Wilding Golf Performance Center and wanted to spread the word, about what a great place it is to improve your golf technique. Well worth a visit. Golfer1

started by: Jam-447339 · last update: 1200512363 · posted: 1198772804

I'm looking for a Yoga class that has special classes for expectant mothers. Jam

started by: Honda-447207 · last update: 1200512222 · posted: 1196495149

I'm interested in joining a local football club here in Bangkok. Does anyone know of a good club for a 32 year old, not too serious but playing some competitive games?!

started by: Mandy-447211 · last update: 1199904673 · posted: 1199736800

Does anyone know of any art classes here in Bangkok?Mandy

started by: Cynthia-447370 · last update: 1199560333 · posted: 1197978009

Does anyone know if there are any car boot sales in Bangkok?

started by: jj-447539 · last update: 1199555138 · posted: 1199302232

I'm looking for a good place to learn tennis. I've got no experience and need a tennis instructor that has a reasonable amount of English. Any ideas? jj

started by: advent-447362 · last update: 1199346385 · posted: 1199188188

Has anyone got any opinions on which is the best golf course in Thailand?Adventure

started by: Paris-447285 · last update: 1198676651 · posted: 1198065119

Has anyone got any ideas about which is the best open zoo in Bangkok or nearby? I want to take my friends while they visit on holiday. Thanks.

started by: JD-447224 · last update: 1195566718 · posted: 1195341100

I'm planning a holiday to Phuket and was wondering if I can rent a surf board locally? I'm also interested in kite surfing, does anyone know if you can get kite surfing lessons in Phuket? Jack

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