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Can anyone recommend a good gym with yoga or body combat classes around Sathorn? Any recommendations will be appreciated.

started by: poochie-447232 · last update: 1195248045 · posted: 1194809895

Hi, We are coming to thailand from mid dec to mid jan, with our almost two year old boy. We want to completely stay away from the very touristy package tour places and big resorts, preferring low key places...ie. A very simple bungalow on a beautiful beach, the less people the better. We would like to see a bit of the north too, but mainly sea & sand (& delicious food ...can't wait!)Can anyone recommend any places that you think would fit?thanks for any suggestions!

started by: advent-447362 · last update: 1195176682 · posted: 1194052897

Hi I'm looking to come to Thailand for a holiday and want to do something out of the ordinary. Even if it's just some exciting mountain biking! But preferably a mixture of adventurous activities but in an ecologically sound way if that's possible?! Adventure

started by: Madeline-447287 · last update: 1194877009 · posted: 1193696570

Hi! Can anyone recommend a good spa around Sukhumvit? I'd like a quiet spa and if possible with a beauty salon. Thanks a lot!

started by: mw-447280 · last update: 1193731474 · posted: 1193704305

I'm thinking about doing a bit of fishing in Thailand; either Sport or fresh water angling. Has anyone got some advice or companies that I can approach? MW

started by: Matt-447331 · last update: 1193647592 · posted: 1193470771

We're thinking of a short break between Christmas and New Year.Can anyone recommend a nice place to stay?

started by: owen-447239 · last update: 1192894997 · posted: 1192668075

Not sure whether I can be bothered any more staying up late to watch England play football! Very depressing watch them loose against Russia tonight. Hopefully will do better on Saturday with the funny shaped ball!!

started by: gennady28 · last update: 1192802591 · posted: 1192653707

HI i'm looking for couple of guys who wants to play futsal(mini football)...i need about 5-6 guys in my team. i already got 3 including me. I need 2 or 3 more guys. We play regularly once or twice a week. I need a Midfielder, a Striker ...and a goalkeeper. Doesn't matter which country you're from. I need guys from 17 to 23 years old. If you're any interested please E-mail me on Lemon_Gena@hotmail.com. Thanks.

started by: Maya-447289 · last update: 1192405644 · posted: 1192151731

Has anyone joined any good yoga clubs in BKK yet? If you know some, please drop me some details. I can't wait...Thanks! Maya

started by: georgie_188 · last update: 1192392607 · posted: 1191616019

Hi everyone, I am moving to Bangkok in November as my boyfriend has moved his company over there. I want to keep busy, does anyone have any suggestions, i think it is hard to get a job is that right? i have looked into the local gym which is true fitness, which should keep me fit! but i was looking for something that will introduce me to new people. would appreciate any feed back!! thanks george

started by: JD-447224 · last update: 1191500385 · posted: 1191352760

Has anyone got some recomendations for chartering and sailing around Phuket. Any advice welcome, thanks. Jack

started by: Benny-447271 · last update: 1191440706 · posted: 1190998593

I am planning to play tennis and some friends want to play badminton this weekend. Can anyone recommend where i can go for both and located close to city, near MRT or BTS? Also will appreciate for providing telephone number:) Ben

started by: Hitch-447221 · last update: 1191438091 · posted: 1191291133

I'm stopping over in Bangkok on the way to Phuket. I'd like to visit a couple of temples and was wondering which ones I should visit?Hitched

started by: Golfer1-447188 · last update: 1191255309 · posted: 1190990777

Can anyone recommend the best airline to fly to London? I used to travel BA all the time but the flights are always packed. I tried Lufthansa which was OK but had to get a connecting flight from Frankfurt. Anyone got any recommendations?Golfer1

started by: owen-447239 · last update: 1190482691 · posted: 1190278217

Where can i watch the Rugby World Cup and get a decent beer at the same time?

started by: JD-447224 · last update: 1190199540 · posted: 1190117896

There seems to be quite a choice of social clubs and sports clubs in Bangkok, but they are all fairly pricey. Can anyone recommend a good one? I wouldn't want to join and find I'd wasted my money! Jack

started by: Pat-447234 · last update: 1190017831 · posted: 1189975795

I'm looking for a good ice skating rink in Bangkok. Does one exist?

started by: owen-447239 · last update: 1189927996 · posted: 1189888868

I'm new to bangkok and was wondering if anyone knew where I could take my two kids aged 5 & 7 to play football at the weekend. Are there any mixed leagues for kids that age in Bangkok? Cheers Owen

started by: Hitch-447221 · last update: 1189710914 · posted: 1189240677

I'm getting married in Phuket and would like to hear anyones recomendations of good dive spots. The hotel is organising dive trips for us but I'd like to hear any personal recomendations. Hitched

started by: dreamer-447231 · last update: 1189560991 · posted: 1189282877

We're travelling to Thailand from our home in France in November. WE spend time in Bangkok and Chang Mei. Any tips of cheap shopping in Bangkok? Good places to eat? Places to avoid? We are on a fully inclusive holiday which includes amny trips but we do have a couple of free days so it may be possible to meet a few people if there's anywhere people tend to gather. Really looking forward to the holiday!

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