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I hear that RS has the rights to the World Cup and want to charge viewers through a box of theirs, is this true?

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Will we be able to watch the WC on True, CTH and local TV. Who has the rights for the broadcasts. I hope it will be broadcast with an  English soundtrack if we can get it at all.

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Just moved into a moo barn where the roads are flat and 711's are nearby. So its time for me to buy a bicycle. Don't know anything about them so need some help like good brands, local or import, price and where to buy. Can anyone help.

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I will be travelling to Hua HIn in a few weeks and there seems to be loads of reasonably priced hotels and condos. Can anyone recommend one as its always a game of chance if you just pick one.

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My remote for my Samsung TV is broken and the last time this happened I had to wait over a month for a replacement, anyone on here know if theres a shop that sell remotes. I also need one for my air conditioning unit. A friend said that many IT Malls have shops that deal in second hand remotes but the ones I've been to didn't have, any suggestions.

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When I was a kid I used to have an air rifle that shot lead 177 pellets not these plastic ball you get now adays. Can you buy them here and what about the paper work to own one. Someone told me you do need a lisence.

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About 10 years ago when economy was  better than today I bought a boat. A 15 ft twin engine cruiser, but now cannot afford its upkeep. What is the quickest and easiest way to sell it. Maybe I should try the classifieds although I feel a more specialist approach would be better. Ofcourse I am accepting taking a loss. HELP!!

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Hello evry one . I m loking to see if any one know a team or a place where i can play football ( soccer) I will be in bangkok for the next 3 years and will be great to have some fun . Thanks for your respond and have a nice day . you can cantact me at mounir2017@yahoo.com

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Hi all! You are looking for a place where to play football in Bangkok? Better, you are looking to play with a team? So you looked into the right page!We are an amateur football team based in Bangkok (Titans FC), playing in the Target Super League.Composed of expats and thais, we train every Wednesdays and play games every Weekends on the Target Football field.If you are interested just click on the link of our Facebook page and send me an message! We would be more than happy to welcome new players! We just love football!!http://m.facebook.com/TheTitansFootballClub

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Have never been to Koh Chang before and was thinking of giving it a try. What is the best time of the year to go there when the weather is sunny and hot and no rain. Also is it expensive there. Hotels seem to be quiet resonably priced.

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Got loads of stuff on vdo tape (VHS, and the small cassettes from vdo cameras) is there anywhere I can get them tranfered to mpegs or something so I can few on my PC. Btw as u can quess i'm not a computor sort of a guy.

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Play Ball! (hardball, that is!) My name is Keith Roban and I'm from California. For 20 years, up until July of 2011 when I moved to Bangkok, I played amateur baseball, (baseball, not softball), in the BAMSBL, (Bay Area Men's Senior Baseball League). It's located in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I also organized pickup games on weekends when there were no BAMSBL games scheduled. My goal is to establish an amateur baseball league for adults in Bangkok and throughout Thailand where there's interest and to also to help grow the game of baseball here in Thailand. But mostly I just want to play ball! What I see happening is we will start holding weekly practices with the available players. It'll be myself and whoever else shows up. 16 players is enough for a game so when we reach that number of players regularly showing up we can start having games. When there are enough players to establish 4 teams, (at least 36 players, 9 per team, preferably 12 or so per team), we will create a schedule of games with playoffs. If you're interested in playing real baseball, not softball, please let me know. Play Ball! (hardball, that is!)

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What is your hobby here. Have retired here and the good al round food and drink suits me fine plus my home and garden. I would still love to have a good engrossing hobby but not sure what. Plastic kits,  jigsaws stamp collecting lol, dosen't rock my boat, what are your hobbies?  

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Was wondering whether there is a swimming pool in central BKK that I can take my 2 kids to. Health clubs are far too expensive for me, so I'm looking for somewhere where you pay about 500 baht for the family all day, is this to cheap.

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Which is the best takeaway service in Bangkok?

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Can anyone recommend a Bangkok Park where one can walk in pleasant surrandings with no hassles.

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I was looking for an introduction course to digital photography at a reasonable price. I just found one at the Allliance francaise in Sathorn. The course is in English and starts next week. It is every Tuesday from 5.30 to 8.30 pm until the 18 December and cost only 6100 bath> i have enrolled but we remain short of people as there is a quorum of 8. People dont think of alliance francaise as they presume that it is about french language (wonder why!) ... So if you were always tempted but discouraged by the fees level, dont hesitate join! Registration still open. They are located on Sathorn road not far from the Banyan tree More on their website: http://en.alliance-francaise.or.th/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=135&Itemid=91

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where can i find an instructor for swimming lessons (adult)

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is there a water park close to bkk

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Hi,   I m looking for a Judo classes for my seven years son. But close to my area : Ekamai, Thonglor or Prom pho.. Thanks for your help! Lo

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