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Looking for a folding table tennis table. Is there a shop that also delivers to your home?

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Where's the nearest place to Bangkok that i can hire quad bikes?

started by: gsmorn · last update: 1345537382 · posted: 1345537382

Is there an indoor climbing wall in Bangkok?

started by: devonshire43 · last update: 1344950560 · posted: 1344950560

Has anyone used a good school in Krabi? I'm taking my daughter and she wants to take a week long course, where can I get an honest recommendation?

started by: sreeo · last update: 1340784009 · posted: 1340458855

Where can i watch the England game on Sunday?

started by: patricepn · last update: 1339330418 · posted: 1330523988

Anybody know of a good website in English with information about catching trains in Thailand?

started by: ostrand · last update: 1337443083 · posted: 1336932936

I am a student studying and living near Bangkok (actually I live in Salaya). I really miss playing football. Does anybody know of a place or league I can join? Nothing too competitive or expensive (I am on a student budget) but it would be nice to be able to run and kick a ball around with other people who also enjoy the sport. Thanks

started by: ficia · last update: 1337348147 · posted: 1278009828

Any fun dance lessons available in Bangkok....latin, salsa, tango, anything but ballet!

started by: easymeow · last update: 1335903290 · posted: 1308656439

Hi! Where can I find authentic Muay Thai bouts live in Bangkok? Cheers!

started by: simon28-458627 · last update: 1334932444 · posted: 1334740529

Are there any public squash courts close to Sukhumvit Road?

started by: ninjajoe · last update: 1332731276 · posted: 1307983181

Where can I buy darts and a dart board in Bangkok?

started by: milo max · last update: 1332626023 · posted: 1264283742

I will be in Bangkok on business for a month soon, are there any good central locations for running. I can't stand treadmills so not in a gym.

started by: lauriedigp · last update: 1326804206 · posted: 1326295631

I need to find a good company to do a few repairs on a large swimming pool. Any recommendations of a company or small team that know what they're doing?

started by: Puola · last update: 1326215993 · posted: 1325618784

Can anybody tell me if the tsunami warning system is working in Phuket? I can't get a clear answer from the hotel we're booked with and call me paranoid, but it would be nice to know for sure that the warning system actually works.

started by: Green...Field · last update: 1324103461 · posted: 1258362701

Perhaps a silly question, but I know there are some local companies that offer cycle rides in Bangkok. Does anybody have any idea of the routes they take?

started by: Veerclem_zee12 · last update: 1322581348 · posted: 1319369026

Are there any ladies golf clubs in Bangkok and as well I want to find a female golf teacher or ladies only golf clinic?

started by: H.Pieters · last update: 1322224760 · posted: 1230285857

Hey. where can I continue with pole dancing lessons in BKK? Very popular in the USA, but is there a dance studio that offers them here?

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Are there any semi serious rugby clubs for expats in Bangkok?

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Looking for group yoga classes anywhere within walking distance of Asoke?

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Is it legal to play poker on the internet from a home in Thailand?

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