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With a crowd that isn’t too scary and with a bunch of different nationalities.

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Can anyone recommend a good book (or website) for identifying birds that are local to Thailand and SE Asia?

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is this possible in Pattaya, or do I have go to hua Hin?

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Hi everyone! How can i get rid of ants without using poison? Any clever ideas? Thanks.

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looking for a basketball court/team in bangkok

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We (4 of us) are chartering a van to go to Siem Reap for the weekend. We have 6 more seats to offer. Right now it's THB9000 return for the entire van so it depends how many are going. This is a personal charter, not a Khao Sarn scam. You don't have to pay until the end of the journey when we reach the border. However please note that you have to arrange your own transport once we cross the border to Siem Reap (and vice versa). The 4 of us will charter a car and unfortunately there's no more room for another. This is our itinerary:Friday 24 June - Late pm (3pm ideally) depart from Bangkok, reach Aranyaprathet before border closes at 8pm.Sunday 26 June - Van will pick us up 7pm from Aranyaprathet and drive back to Bangkok. Expect to arrive close to or after midnight.2 pickup and drop off locations: Sathon and UN building United Nations Building, Rajdamnern Nok Avenue.

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I'm a complete beginner and would like some fun lessons on a golf course within a 60 minute taxi drive from central Bangkok. Any suggestions?

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Has anyone hired any trekking guide in Khao Yai? I can't find anyone / company on the internet. Appreciate if anyone can recommend one.

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Baggage storage facilities at the airport for a month…are there any. The website is one of the worst I’ve come across, can anybody help?

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Are there any good yoga classes held in Silom during the day?

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What are the options other than the gym or jogging (which I hate!) for women in Bangkok?

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Looking for a spa that can provide both Thai and Swedish massage + general spa treatments in a pleasant romantic atmosphere for couples?

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Can anybody recommend a white water rafting trip that can be done in one day from Bangkok?

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The 2011 ATW Charity Challenge Tennis Tournament will be held on February 26-27, 2011, at the International School Bangkok tennis courts. The tournament will benefit students at the R35 school in Khao Lak, Thailand. Registration includes a very cool ATW Charity Tennis T-Shirt, food and drink at the event, a complimentary post-game massage, and lots of fun!! Prizes include a trophy for each winner and runner-up. All players will receive certificates to show their participation and our appreciation.   For more information see: https://www.afterthewave.org/charitytennis/

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Are there any “little leagues” organised for kids in Bangkok to play soccer?

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Has anybody tried an immersion course of Thai language, basically they are very intensive but do they work?

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Which is the best ski resort that provides a budget ski holiday, within cheap flying distance of Bangkok? Thanks!

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Looking for a clean gym somewhere on the Sukhumvit line that has clean changing rooms and toilets. I've tried a couple but not been impressed.

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Are there any English language flying schools in Thailand?

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A nice addition to the newly opened Central World – Iceskating! http://www.mythailandblog.com/2010/10/ice-skating-at-central-world/

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