started by: Patricia-455312 · last update: 1286306930 · posted: 1286024121

I know I can’t do this in Bangkok….of course! But where’s the closest place to Bangkok that provides a decent couple of hours of mountain biking?

started by: Kingfisher-455243 · last update: 1285145614 · posted: 1285145614

I’ll be in Bangkok for a weekend and would like to play some golf. Is there a non member golf course central enough to Bangkok which is only a short taxi ride away?

started by: keena-455094 · last update: 1283158375 · posted: 1283158375

I am looking for arts and crafts classes/ workshops for adults in Bkk. I know there are one or two places in Soi 31, but they are really expensive and I haven't been able to find any others, there must be something!

started by: Sportyspice-455071 · last update: 1282849500 · posted: 1282849500

If you're looking for a venue to watch the Aussie AFL Grand Final on 25th September, I know that the Thailand Tigers, the Bangkok AFL team, are hosting a function at the Australian Pub on soi 11. It's something like 1900 baht a ticket and you get all day beer and wine, breakfast and Aussie lunch. I think it's pretty good value, if you can stomach a beer at 10 o'clock in the morning that is! My friend said that you can get tickets over the counter at the pub or go to their website www.thailand-tigers.com

started by: CarolineT-454715 · last update: 1280792998 · posted: 1280328702

I know it seems a silly question but are there any good parks or city walks? Lumpini park is ok but once you’ve done it a few times …. are there any other options?

started by: kikZ-454059 · last update: 1280755071 · posted: 1269285039

Are there any swimming pools in Bangkok open to all....not part of an apartment or private members club?

started by: isi-453753 · last update: 1278775437 · posted: 1277577260

I've been to Khao Yai, are there any other national parks close to Bangkok that are worth visiting?

started by: JuanPa-454613 · last update: 1278363787 · posted: 1278363787

Hello guys and girls,Does anyone know if there is a tv channel in Bangkok that would show the Tour de France?I have been looking in vain for information over the internet.Thank you all.Regards,Juan Pablo

started by: bmc-454539 · last update: 1277228649 · posted: 1276367016

Hi all football fans! Does anybody know a channel or way of watching the World Cup matches live with English commentary?

started by: Woodmann · last update: 1276191286 · posted: 1276191286

For an Essex girl and an Aussie guy!

started by: arthurv · last update: 1276158936 · posted: 1275822488

Do i need fishing licenses to fish on any of the rivers in Thailand?

started by: Daydream Believer · last update: 1273482377 · posted: 1273424476

We are trying to locate a shop in Bangkok that supplies reasonably priced camping equipment for both adults and kids for items such as walking boots, thermals, water purification tablets and herbal tablets to help prevent altitude sickness eg Rhodiola Rosea Root. Thanks very much

started by: wibble-454108 · last update: 1273148829 · posted: 1272549316

Which of the local Thai football teams in Bangkok are good enough to watch a live game?

started by: jn1 · last update: 1271883585 · posted: 1271612257

Can anybody recommend a good family friendly place to stay near the River Kwai?

started by: Barbara-S. · last update: 1271283479 · posted: 1265193832

Is there anywhere I can learn to tango?

started by: cubanmeow-453330 · last update: 1271163528 · posted: 1270898892

Apart from Neilson Hays Library, does anybody know any other? With the hot weather lately, I rather spend my weekend reading in a library. Does anyone know anything about the little one inside Lumpini Park?

started by: mags.zinc · last update: 1270849214 · posted: 1270581567

Are there any cricket leagues in Bangkok?

started by: cubanmeow-453330 · last update: 1270588202 · posted: 1270409074

HiUnfortunately unlike in the other cities, there is no website for book swapping in Thailand. I intend to keep this as a regular post in hope to start an unofficial channel for book swapping and encourage other members to start doing so. Selling my books to 2nd hand book stores and spend more buying from them just seems silly. Anyhow these are what I have at hand currently:Offer:The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy FowlerElegance by Kathleen TessaroNumber Ten by Sue TownsendBel Canto by Ann PachettSalmon Fishing in Yemen by Paul TordayAlentejo Blue by Monica AliWanted:Any Haruki Marakami books (except Kafka on the Shore & The Wind-up Bird Chronicle)Any Michael Palin travel booksSwapping by either mail or exchange in person around Wireless Road or Sathon / Silom. If there are more books, I'm to go a little further.

started by: weMove2BKK · last update: 1270454389 · posted: 1269520898

Hi. Is it possible to take a mountain bike on a train, I'd like to take it to Chiang Mai...is it possible?

started by: NewinBKK · last update: 1270148918 · posted: 1270148918

Hi. Is there a rollerblade rink in Bangkok?

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