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Stupid question maybe, but I'd like to take the kids snorkelling, is there a place close enough to Bangkok to make a day or weekend trip without getting on an aeroplane?

started by: KayJay-448742 · last update: 1268434070 · posted: 1226226419

Hi, has anyone made the trip to Khao Yai and back from Bangkok in a day...and can comment on whether it gives you enough time to have a decent look at the park?

started by: elie-453973 · last update: 1267827059 · posted: 1267723452

Any friendly golf clubs for women that meet regularly for a non competitive round of golf on courses close to Bangkok?

started by: andybkk · last update: 1267717120 · posted: 1267717120

I'm looking for a friendly Muay Thai gym where I can learn the basics of Muay Thai without getting into too much damage!

started by: Frank-453688 · last update: 1266597016 · posted: 1266237611

Great opportunity to meet other players and practice match play.Skill level groups3 singles matchesSat 20 Feb (3.5 and Under) - BeginnerSat 27 Feb (5.5 and Under) - AdvancedSat 06 Mar (4.5 and Under) - IntermediateMen and Women are welcome.More info: mef505 at gmail

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Are there any places to go ATV close to Bangkok?

started by: pim_s · last update: 1264179864 · posted: 1264179864

for a friend "can you find out exactly how long a foreign registered boat is allowed to stay in Thailand?" help please!

started by: pios · last update: 1264096806 · posted: 1263764352

Are there any skateparks or places where kids hang out and skateboard in Bangkok (that are reasonably safe) Asking for my son as we are coming that way soon and I have to convince him its a good idea!

started by: mgb-450653 · last update: 1263833483 · posted: 1233343854

Where can i find out more about any triathlons being held in Thailand, a search so far has revealed nothing...

started by: mYap · last update: 1263679989 · posted: 1263582627

Can anybody recommend a nice place to stay in ko Lanta, doesn't have to be flash...... it MUST be relaxing!

started by: Ced56 · last update: 1263372348 · posted: 1263306174

Wondering if there is a good place in central Bangkok to play Table tennis during week & week ends...any sport club with proper equipment ? Thanks. Ced.

started by: Mrs C-453523 · last update: 1263134629 · posted: 1259784628

Hi all Please can anybody come up with some bright suggestions for things to do not in Bangkok, but close enough for a 1 or 2 day trip out of Bangkok? Thanks all!

started by: Justin-Maze · last update: 1262943137 · posted: 1230277964

are there any cycling clubs in or close to Bangkok that have a few english speakers as members

started by: Ben1956 · last update: 1262876104 · posted: 1256653806

Hi all, are there any shooting clubs in Bangkok, not seen any advertised anywhere?

started by: iIlov · last update: 1262690788 · posted: 1259661603

Please can anybody recommend a good golf instructor for a complete beginner?

started by: Lore Cliad 2 · last update: 1262189544 · posted: 1256042491

Where can I find a cycling helmet, something a bit stronger than the helmets I see being used by most of the motorbike drivers!

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Is there a good gym close to Sukhumvit 24 that accepts members for a couple of months?

started by: PhilTee · last update: 1261429422 · posted: 1257517791

I'll be on holiday soon and want to do some skydiving but can't find anything, are there any schools that offer tandem jumps?

started by: Vick-447220 · last update: 1260914896 · posted: 1190663509

I've been here a while but never really found a good spa. Is it worth spending the extra money to go somewhere like the Banyan Tree? Or can i find a decent spa where they speak English and not spend a fortune?Vickie

started by: HarryM-449760 · last update: 1260705674 · posted: 1260651695

http://www.thaiticketmajor.com/sport/supercup_2009_eng.php Just found out about this from Anglo Info. Could be a good event instead of the normal Xmas festivities....beats carol singing anyway!

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