started by: charlieclarke · last update: 1258531292 · posted: 1258405925

Does anyone know where I can buy a family sized tent in Bangkok (with 2+ compartments inside)?

started by: Tilda_End · last update: 1258492961 · posted: 1236457741

Does anybody go camping for the weekend from Bangkok? If so where are good locations and anything to watch out for? I presume the mossies are a nightmare!

started by: USDutton · last update: 1256385211 · posted: 1256157525

Stumbled across the Life Park while doing a bit of browsing. It's close to Khao Yai and looks quite fun....has anybody been before? http://mylifepark.com/

started by: TickTack-448838 · last update: 1255703088 · posted: 1245326118

Does anybody know of an archery club here in Bangkok or even anywhere in Thailand?

started by: Pipe Dreams · last update: 1255284610 · posted: 1249207352

Hi all. Is there a friendly bunch of people that regularly meet for a social cycle get together, non competitive and mixed nationalities!

started by: Jules_BKK · last update: 1254092222 · posted: 1224610525

Hi...where is the nearest place to Bangkok where I can take some kitesurfing lessons?

started by: moose01 · last update: 1253651670 · posted: 1239714188

Does anyone know of any Rock Climbing gyms in BKK? Its a great workout. Chris

started by: Hayley _ Sim · last update: 1252678938 · posted: 1248625950

Hi there, has anybody recently been trekking in Malaysia and can recommend some good books or on-line resources to gather more information. Equally good would be some good advice!

started by: KayJay-448742 · last update: 1252608602 · posted: 1251898440

Getting a bit worried about where's the best place to watch the AFL footy final at the end of the month?

started by: First Day · last update: 1252583410 · posted: 1237474620

I am organising a 5 a side friendly game and need to find a suitable pitch? Can anyone help?

started by: angelgambrel-450784 · last update: 1250584675 · posted: 1245614297

Can someone recommend a personal trainer that will come to my home? I would prefer a female but if your male trainer is great then I'll take the info.

started by: Rick.A · last update: 1250461890 · posted: 1244326580

Has anybody signed up for one of these websites that provide live footage of the footie online? It looks really cheap .... almost too cheap to be true?

started by: Hayley _ Sim · last update: 1250086400 · posted: 1248799229

Hi all. Harlem Globe Trotters live in Bangkok! 22nd August. http://www.totalreservation.com/event_ticket_detail.aspx?id=16 Hope its not the original guys! Must be getting on a bit....

started by: HamishJ · last update: 1249887031 · posted: 1249628282

I will be travelling to Rayong next week and noticed on the map that there is a choice of two expressways, both running in the exactly same direction from Bangkok towards Rayong. Is there any difference between the two?

started by: Chica Chico · last update: 1249385808 · posted: 1248878645

I have an adventurous friend coming to visit soon and want to suggest some good things to do. Any suggestions for things to do, in or close to Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand? I’m thinking along the lines of bungee jumping or something more interesting, not a visit to Patpong!

started by: ScottMann · last update: 1248820946 · posted: 1248820946

Arriving on thursday and need to know where I can find the best live coverage of the Ashes at Edgbaston?

started by: SCooksen · last update: 1248604914 · posted: 1248604914

My girlfriend and I are planning a week’s trip to Chiang Mai. One of the things we’d like to do is some serious hiking for three to four days. Are there any companies that people have used before and can recommend?

started by: S.Ford · last update: 1247259175 · posted: 1247128081

Are there any local sailing clubs in Bangkok? On a reservoir or similar, if not where is the nearest club that is happy to accept a non Thai speaker?

started by: charlieclarke · last update: 1246528800 · posted: 1246228359

Hi - does anyone know of a squash club within easy reach from Bangna area? I know the Novotel has a squash court but they do not have a club as such. Thanks. Same for tennis.

started by: Critic · last update: 1244325902 · posted: 1243175545

Where can I find a hammock for sale? Appreciate the help!

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