started by: Neil Song · last update: 1243924749 · posted: 1241894886

Is this still the case?

started by: HarryM-449760 · last update: 1243855008 · posted: 1242408255

Do any of the local pubs have a darts league?

started by: Aloy-452191 · last update: 1243624114 · posted: 1243263681

Hello, I am looking for partners in order to run in Lumphini Park. I enjoy much more when not doing sport alone. If someone want to run 1 or 2 times per week with me ...

started by: Nasa.W · last update: 1242033756 · posted: 1241858337

Does anybody know of a place that offers skydiving or parascending in tandem with an instructor here in Thailand. And then longer courses into the future. I feel the need to try something new!

started by: nixon-450433 · last update: 1241888560 · posted: 1241297501

Can anybody offer opinions on the best deal for flights to London travelling next month?

started by: TeeRak-450158 · last update: 1240867534 · posted: 1240867534

hi...call me paranoid but i'm going to Ko Phi Phi very soon and was thinking if there had ever been a shark attack? I know there ARE sharks in Thai waters .... surely they get hungry?! But a search got no results, so how about it...anyone ever heard of such a thing or am i safe to swim?

started by: Frasier-449352 · last update: 1240758889 · posted: 1239999767

Hello, Can anyone tell me of a lake or river that is suitable for taking a keen angler for the day, which is a day trip from Bangkok?

started by: foxy-451812 · last update: 1240421031 · posted: 1240421031

I have been living in Thailand for about 2 years now and I am a keen angler I am just wondering are there any other fishing folk out there in Bangkok who fish the lakes in and around Bangkok and if so how is the fishing going for you. My main point for posting here is to ask you out there if you would be interested in forming a fishing club in Bangkok so us anglers to get a chance to meet up and fish these lakes and share our angling experiences I fish Bungsamran and I had Mekong Cats to 66lb so far I am a Irish national and would like to hear from all nationalites who share the passion for angling. Foxy

started by: sheila2 · last update: 1239714048 · posted: 1233477444

Hi, I've only just arrived in Bangkok and one of the things i want to do is join a gym either near where i live on Sukumvit road or where I work in Silom. Any recommendations, thanks.

started by: Aston.Miles · last update: 1239399683 · posted: 1238439334

Are there any cricket clubs in Bangkok or anybody that organises regular cricket games?

started by: Stevie O · last update: 1238093283 · posted: 1238093283

Can anybody recommend a golf club that does English language lessons for kids, not so far from Bangkok?

started by: MuayThai · last update: 1237987390 · posted: 1235145819

What gyms are recommended to learn Thai kick boxing, Muay Thai in Bangkok or other areas of Thailand?

started by: Scrabble-450797 · last update: 1237105357 · posted: 1237105357

Being a complete first timer at both can someone explain a little about the benefits of each one and also suggest good teachers or gyms in Bangkok?

started by: janus-451009 · last update: 1236271615 · posted: 1235859651

Where would I find the best shop in Bangkok for golf gear?

started by: McBourne · last update: 1235720401 · posted: 1235550666

Looking for a Kart track for a small team building exercise...is there a track in Bangkok or do we need to travel to Pattaya?

started by: music maestro · last update: 1235146099 · posted: 1213376724

Will be returning to Spain for a month soon for our annual holiday and hopefully will get the chance to do some hiking and camping up in the mountains. Is there a shop in Bangkok that sells good camping equipment as I need to replace a few items?

started by: Wombat-450330 · last update: 1234091889 · posted: 1230999059

Hi all, which is the best reasonably priced golf course close to Bangkok?

started by: Jules_x · last update: 1233951528 · posted: 1233182244

Hi all, i'm looking to play some volleyball, even willing to travel. Any ideas thanks!

started by: Xpat-449910 · last update: 1233787797 · posted: 1233305779

Hi. Are you allowed to rollerblade in Lumpini park?

started by: Clairex-450621 · last update: 1233579130 · posted: 1233422551

Hi, can anyone recommend a good English speaking personal trainer who will either come to your home or has access to Gyms (True fitness preferably). Need to lose some post Christmas kilo's - fast! Claire

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