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where can I watch the superbowl in a social environment!

started by: bangkokmum · last update: 1233321767 · posted: 1233317978

We are going to Khao Yai for the next long holiday weekend and want to do a one-day cycling trip while we are there. Does anyone know any companies that can arrange this? All the ones I have contacted so far just want to sell us a (pricey) two-day package out of Bangkok but we have already found our accommodation and just need the bike trip.

started by: Tenzing · last update: 1232622236 · posted: 1231327992

Hi, where can I find an English speaking instructor for tennis lessons? Thanks.

started by: Bluez-447576 · last update: 1232483377 · posted: 1203086318

I'm looking for a good place to take the kids for tennis lessons. Nothing very competitive but somewhere they can improve on the small amount they learn at school. Any ideas? Bluez

started by: Crisp11 · last update: 1232482380 · posted: 1232374999

Can anyone recommend somewhere for tennis lessons for children?

started by: Thelma-450219 · last update: 1232058015 · posted: 1231102911

hi, where can i find some good cardio body combat classes, not by California Wow....

started by: Chuck-447824 · last update: 1232014528 · posted: 1221839158

Any suggestions as to where I can take some Taekwondo lessons in Bangkok? With an English speaking instructor!

started by: Steve65-447879 · last update: 1231659929 · posted: 1230132191

For any golf enthusiasts out there, as well as the Royal Trophy coming up from the 9th January, you should also pay a visit to Central World, where there will be a huge golfing village set up with driving range, putting green, lessons and lots of golfing goodies to buy! From the 6th to the 18th.

started by: Teem1 · last update: 1230912218 · posted: 1230589232

I'd like to find a place where I can find top quality gym equipment... a rower, treadmill etc, but apart from Central, which doesn't stock anything interesting, is there a specialised shop in Bangkok?

started by: Pav.O.Rotti · last update: 1229970749 · posted: 1218737354

I've got a few weeks vacation coming up and fancy a bit of an adventure and came up with the idea of driving to Singapore from Bangkok. Has anyone reading this done it before and got any tips, hints or advice on anything!

started by: goran64 · last update: 1229673231 · posted: 1229673231

last race of thailand autocross championship is in dec 30/31 in bang bo sukhumvit km 28 www.goran-motorsport.com

started by: Steve65-447879 · last update: 1229198516 · posted: 1229016378

Are there any active diving clubs in Bangkok or closer to the sea but within a days drive, that have a fair proportion of English speakers. I'm thinking about a social club that organises dives, weekends and longer trips away? Cheers.

started by: catrina.s · last update: 1228998933 · posted: 1226698007

would like to do some swimming but am interested in improving my technique & style...where can i find swimming lessons for adults? cat

started by: Nasa.W · last update: 1228673283 · posted: 1228576354

Is there a place close to Bangkok where i can do a sailing course?

started by: mils · last update: 1228482453 · posted: 1228381244

Does anyonehave any good suggestions for riding schools close to cbd? Looking for adult classes once a fortnight? Thanks

started by: Sean-King · last update: 1228253432 · posted: 1227547787

relaxing and quiet place to play snooker wanted...any suggestions?

started by: k.bishop · last update: 1228205228 · posted: 1228121042

Hi, where should I go to get a golf club set custom made in Bangkok. I should be on a short business trip there next month (assuming the airport is open) and won't have much time for the fitting. Thanks for any replies.

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Is it possible to get a game of basketball anywhere in Bangkok?

started by: andrew jamieson · last update: 1227534509 · posted: 1227185551

hi all. could anybody tell me where i can find a decent size pool for swimming, preferably around sukhumvit, which also has sunbathing facilities, that wont cost the earth. thanks andy in phrakanong. andrew

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is the footie on Thai TV tonight?

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