Australian Chiropractor – Stefan Becker: Sarrià Quiropràctica


Stefan is an English-speaking, Australian trained chiropractor, with 23 years of experience, who specialises in gentle, comfortable techniques. He has years of experience with back pain, neck pain, and sciatica, but also with health and wellbeing.


Comfortable techniques.  Looking for gentle chiropractic care? There are many people in the Barcelona looking for the results that chiropractic can offer but want a chiropractor that uses comfortable techniques. This is our niche.

Experience.  Stefan has been in full time practice, working in clinics in Australia, England, and Spain, for the past 23 years. He completed his 5 year chiropractic course in RMIT Melbourne. He works with all ages—from babies all the way through to the elderly—and has plenty of experience with pregnant ladies, sports people, trades people, and office workers with their sedentary lifestyle. Stefan speaks (native) English and Spanish.

The first visit
 consists of:

(i)             a consultation and history, discussing your reason for visiting us, 

(ii)            a full chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological examination,

(iii)           an explanation of findings,

(iv)          treatment (if possible).

What is chiropractic and what does it help? 

Most people initially come to see us to help with common, spinal-related problems such as lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, disc protrusions, and headaches. Chiropractic offers amazing results for these types of problems. Vertebrae in the spine often get jammed up or restricted in a certain position that cause inflammation, muscle tightness, and/or nerve irritation. Chiropractors free up these restricted vertebrae and reduce pain using gentle mobilising techniques.

However, take into account that the nerves in the spine don’t just carry pain messages, they carry every single message between your brain and your body. Your brain is like a computer and controls the whole body via these nerves, so when these spinal nerves are affected it can also affect your health and wellbeing. Many of our clients initially come in for pain relief, but after discovering the health benefits of chiropractic, many choose to remain as a regular client to maintain their health in a natural, drug free way.

Location and Contact details.

Sarrià Quiropràctica is in the centre of Sarrià, close to the ferrocarril (FGC) train station, near Sant Gervasi, Les Corts and Pedralbes in Barcelona

SARRIÀ QUIROPRÀCTICA:Office within Next Fit gym (previously called “Gimnàs Sarrià”)Carrer Caponata 3Sarrià, Barcelona, 08034


Tel:  646 684 402   (+ WhatsApp)(Including emergencies on weekends)


Email:   [email protected]