Certified Chinese one to one teacher

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HI! I am a certified Chinese teacher in Barcelona. I've been teaching one to one from London and Barcelona for 5 years. And I'm passionated about it. I teach from 8 to 100 years old. If you or your family want to have Chinese class for HSK exam, business conversation or tailor-made class for conference or tip. I can surly help you. Please feel free to contact me at 632099418 or sharonloh214@gmail.com

Recommendations from my students and their parents. 

Sharon has skills, attitudes and teaching techniques that you would like for any language teacher. She has taught Chinese to my son for more than 6 months. Although the two-hour sessions can be heavy for a child, their pedagogy and enthusiasm make these classes an enriching, joyful and enjoyable experience. It's great to see my son enjoy learning such a difficult language. In addition, the use of English in Chinese classes allows you to practice that language as well. for me, without hesitation, she is the best teacher in the world! I would never change it. from the father of my student mr. carlos r. m

She is patient, kind, flexible and also has many pedagogical resources. as a person he is tolerant and open, and above all he has a great sense of humor. He is enthusiastic and enjoys teaching. I appreciate your help and dedication. Sharon is definitely a great support in my learning. from my student mr. ruben pv

Sharon has been my son's chinese teacher frans for 2 years. although the classes are 2 hours, frans is 14 years old and they are individual, she always gets that she is very motivated and focused and that she does not get long. Sharon always comes loaded with energy, patience and good humor and with the positive reinforcement she helped to achieve great advances in her learning of this language. Besides, The fact that the class is taught in English has also had a great positive impact on my son's level of oral English. we recommend it totally! from mother of my student gr

Sharon is a Chinese teacher of my son rubén, 12 years old. He is very happy and has made a lot of progress with her. Sofia pays a lot of attention to motivate her students and she gets it. with the previous teacher I never wanted to do classes and this course has never complained, he is happy and so he learns more. Another aspect to highlight is that any class that is lost is recovered. This has a significant impact on language learning, since Chinese is a difficult language and if classes are lost, no progress is made. sofia uses many resources to make the classes enjoyable such as Chinese applications for mobile, various educational materials and games. At the end of the class, she always spends a few minutes to inform parents of the content of the class and this is very useful for monitoring her progress. from mother of my student Alba. A