Foster family for a 1 year old female bodeguero

Posted by: virginie-834299 · 1508257083

Hi everybody ! I am a volunteer in a French association which rescues dogs called "bodegueros" in Spain. We have a little female called Linda who was about to travel to France, when we discovered that she was infested with parvovirosis and moquillo. She has got no symtomas at all, she is happy in life; but can be contagious for other pets. That is why she cannot fly to France to meet her family during several weeks. She is not afraid at all, very affectionate, she is ok with cats, children ... everybody !! But she cannot meet any dog until she is not anymore contagious. If you can foster her during several weeks, or if you know someone who could do it; please do not hesitate to tell me so. The place where she is actually is going to close at the end of this month, SHE CANNOT STAY IN THE STREETS !!!