Transformational Coaching - Be more effective as a solo entrepreneur

Posted by: Sunil-Panchal-934839 · 1559918429

Are you being effective as a solo entrepreneur? 

It can be challenging to start and keep moving forward in a creative project, especially when you’re doing it alone and don’t have support to keep you inspired, focused and productive. 

Do you have the feeling you’re moving at million miles an hour but question whether you are really making progress and making an impact? 

Maybe so far you’ve been looking for answers outside, listening to anyone and everyone, all with the secret to make your project a success!

Perhaps you need to listen to yourself for a change? What if you invest time and energy to create a space of clarity in yourself? What impact would that have? 

I help my clients to begin to see the things they aren’t currently seeing. Through deep listening, questioning and reflection, I create a space for clarity and insight, helping them unravel the threads keeping them stuck or moving slowly. What if you could also…

  • Find out and release what’s holding you back.
  • Transform your mindset to ensure a high-level of motivation, focus and productivity.
  • Experience clarity, to clearly know your direction, make decisions and prioritise actions. 
  • Create effective structures and ways of working that work for you.

I am a Transformational Coach and I work with solo entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact in the world while making a profit. I help my clients find the answers inside to succeed  and make the impact they desire.

The coaching I offer could be likened to meditation in a conversation! Like a pond when the mud to settles you can see clearly to the bottom, you can see all the fish and where your line is getting snagged. 

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