Chiropractors, Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

Showcase Star
Chiropractic centres in Barcelona and Sitges: Dr Chiappinelli and his team of chiropractors from the top universities in America and France deal with all back-related problems using the latest technology from the US. Multi-lingual staff. Open mon-sat.
Sarria Quiropractica
English-speaking, Australian trained chiropractor specialises in gentle, comfortable techniques. Experience with back pain, neck pain, and sciatica.
Doctor Barbara Naud Allard Quiropractor offers advice and solutions for bad backs based in Sitges. 
Noemí Ranz Riera
Osteopath speaking English and practising at Villarroel, 176 Entresuelo 1ª. 08036 Barcelona.
Centro Quiropractico Innato
Australian trained chiropractors. 
Cinzia Casadio
Musculoskeletal, myofascial and visceral biodynamic CS therapy for Adults, babies, pregnancy and postpartum recovery.
Family Quiropractic
Chiropractors located at Carrer Rossello, 395, bajo, Barcelona.
Studio Australia Barcelona
Pilates studio with individual and group programs. Also osteopathy, reflexology, therapeutic massage and body shaping. 
Googol Medical Centre
Osteopath for classic osteopathy and body adjustment. Can treat arthritis, knee sprains, headaches, trapped nerves and disc problems. 
Osteopatía del Mar
English and Spanish spoken. Member of Spanish Registrar of Osteopaths.
Ana Araque Sastre
Osteopath and Physiotherapy working in Barcelona.
Dr Daniel Gutierrez Amargos
Treatment of cervical pain, headache of cervical origin, dizziness, shoulder, elbow, wrist, back pain, acute and chronic low back pain, sciatica, radicular pain and pain in the hip and knee.
Fiso Plus Pilates
Initially qualified in Physiotherapy, is a sports injury and back pain specialist.
Quiropractic Remedy Centre
UK registered chiropractor vastly experienced of care for the spine and nervous system. For infants, elite athletes and grandparents.
Laurence Gerard, doctor of Chiropractic, manages the centre specialising in Spine and Nervous System. 
MES physiotherapy
Osteopath specialized in spinal problems and sports injuries. Treatment focuses on treating the cause of the problem in order to achive longterm results. 
Matthieu Meunier
English speaking osteopath, specialised in sports related injuries, children but also general osteopathic treatments. 
Centro Quiropráctico Bienestar
Chiropractic centre based in the centre of Barcelona. 
Centre Quiropràctic Barberà
Chiropractic Clinic in the centre of Barberà del Vallès. 
Offering chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy and chiro massage. 
Marie Delage
Musculo-skeletal, visceral and cranial osteopathy. Treatment of adults, children, babies. Also pregnancy treatments.
Osteopatía Vilanova
Maria Cristina Parareda Osteopath based Vilanova in the Sitges area.
Barcelona Chiropractic College
English speaking Chiropractic centre for the whole family. Located at calle Mallorca 364, Barcelona. Metro Sagrada Familia.
Dr. Muriel Poli
Holistic Family Chiropractor experienced in ADHD and Learning Disabilities. Specialist in NSA gentle Chiropractic, Orthomolecular therapy and AK doctor.
Therapeutic chiromassage and osetopathy health center.
Chiropractic center
Specialist chiropractor deal with kids, pregnant woman , athletes and the very sick.
South African trained, English-speaking physiotherapist offers home visits in Barcelona and sites
Alexander Technique
The Alexander Technique practiced at Carrer Sant Pere Martir 50 bajos, Barcelona, 08012, Spain.
Perform Health
UK trained, English-speaking physiotherapist practicing in Barcelona. Specialist in sports injuries.