Dentists & Orthodontists

Clinicas Den
Dental clinic based in Barcelona with English-speaking staff specialising in orthodontics, TMD and oral aesthetics. 
English speaking dentist based in Sitges. C. de la Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro, 13, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona.
Clinic is located in the centre of Barcelona. Dental specialty treatments, specialising in aesthetics and implantology.
Clínica Dolor Orofacial
General dentistry and dental implants. At Carrer del Mestre Nicolau, 19, 08021 Barcelona, Spain.
Pascual La Rocca Odontologos
Dental clinic covering all aspects of dentistry giving scientific and biological evidence maximum consideration. 
Clinica Ferrandiz
Prosthodontist specialising in implants, aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry. 
Esthetik Dental
English speaking dentist. Implants, dental crowns, bridges, dental veneers, whitening and cosmetic dentistry. 
Clinica Cotten
Dentist specialising in implantology, dental implants and fixed crowns without bone graft. Periodontal diseases and gum problems. 
Clínica Dental Imoi Barcelona
Dental centre specialising in minimally invasive dental implant surgery, bone grafting surgery, cosmetic dentistry and invisible orthodontics.
Treatments including restorative, holistic, paediatric and cosmetic dentistry. Calle Muntaner, 239 in Barcelona.
Clínica Boj
Paediatric dentist serving infants, children, teens and young adults in Barcelona.
DZK Deutsche zk
English speaking dentist working in central Barcelona. Consultations, implants, zirconium oxide crowns and cold light power bleaching.
Durán & Burgos
Implants, periodontics, cosmetic surgery, dental tac volumetric tomographies for implants, dental whitening and porcelain veneers.
Clinica Ed-dent
Dental team operating in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. Carrer Ample, 22 08002 Barcelona.
Centro Odontológico Privado
Specialists implants and general orthodontics treatments. Emergency service on saturdays and sundays. English, French and Italian spoken. 
Clínica Carriere
Dentist specialised exclusively in the practice of orthodontics. Speciality being centred on the prevention and correction of dental irregularities.
Clinica Dental Dra Maria Jaume
Working in all dental specialities: Orthodontics for adult and children, paediatric dentistry, implant surgery, aesthetic dentistry and smile design.
nstitut Ortodòncia Barcelona
Dentist who is a member of the A.A. of Orthodontics. English, French and Italian spoken. 
Diente Sano
Dental Clinic in the center of Barcelona offers a wide range of services. Bridges, Dental implants, esthetic dentistry, crowns, dentures, orthodontic braces and endodontics.
Susana Campi
Offer all dental specialty treatments, specialising in aesthetics and natural dentistry. Josep Tarradelllas Avenue, 97, Barcelona.
Clínica Ortodoncia Invisible Barcelona
Medical centre specialising in invisible orthodontics and smile aesthetics, attends patients in Spanish, Catalan, English, German, Russian and Chinese.
Carlos Saiz Smile
Dental clinic specialising in implantology, cosmetic dentistry, surgery, orthodontics, periodontics and general dentistry. 
Diego Caballero Dental Clinic
English speaking dentist with surgery at Carrer de Puigmartí, 33, 08012 Barcelona, Spain.
General dentistry for the family, paediatric dentist, orthodontics, gums, teeth whitening, aesthetic dental veneers, dental implants, teeth grinding, dental anxiety and dental phobia.
Clinica Dental Barenblit
Dental clinic dealing with all aspects of dentistry. Dental aesthetics, implantology centre, general and preventive odontology and paediatric odontology.
Clínica Dental Dentart Barcelona
General dentistry, cosmetic and prosthetic dental health care, root canal treatment, crowns, bridges, facings and frame replacements.
Clinica Dental Mirave
General and Cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, implants, oral surgery and reconstructive dentistry. 
Policlinic Tarradellas
Cosmetic dentistry, implants, prosthetics, periodontology and orthodontics. Avda. Josep Tarradellas, 49 Ecuador,1 08029 Barcelona, Spain.
English speaking dental clinic in Barcelona offering general dentistry dental check-ups, hygiene, whitening, implants, orthodontics and cosmetic work. 
Clínica dental Dr. k. h. Böhm
Endodontics, implants, aesthetic dentistry, holistic dentistry, paediatric dentistry, orthodontics and periodontics.
Diseño de Sonrisas
English speaking dentist Dra Ejimeno. Dental Aesthetics and general dendistry. 63 Aragon Street, 6th 1st, Barcelona.
Clinica Dental Barcelona
Dental practise for dental implants and dental aesthetics. Pau Clarís 194-196 ground floor 08037 – Barcelona.
Turó Park Dental & Medical Center
Dental and medical centre. At Carrer Francesc Pérez Cabrero, 19 08021 Barcelona.
Implantologia Estetica
Dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. C/ Dr. Roux, 106 – 108, Bonanova 08017 Barcelona.
Centro IMA
Dental practice based in Barcelona, all dental treatments performed. At Carrer de Déu i Mata, 144, 08029 Barcelona.
Sanz & Pancko
Specialising in all aspects of dentistry such as periodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry and dental whitening.
Dental Clinic Center
Dealing with all aspects of dentistry. Paseo de Gracia 8-10, 2º 2ª, 08007 Barcelona, Spain.
Clinica Oliva
English speaking dentists. General dentistry, implantology, paediatric dentistry, orthodontics and cosmetic work. 
Clinica Dental Gemma Farre
Dental clinic in Sabadell, specialized in oral health and aesthetic dentistry. 
Nart Clínica Dental
Trained dentist offering all dental treatments providing dental care in English. At Carrer de Padilla, 368 08025 Barcelona.
Dental Clinic Bracho
General dentistry work and specialist treatments in odontology, aesthetics, orthodontics, periodontics and endodontics. 
Clinica Friedlander
English speaking dentists. General dentistry, implantology, paediatric dentistry, orthodontics and cosmetic work. 
Disseny de Somriures
Specialist in dental implants and oral rehabilitation, implantology, paediatric dentist consultation, root canals and restorative dentist consultation. 
Clinica Dental Rob
Dental Practice at C. de Francesc Carbonell, 45, 08034 Barcelona, Spain.
Abaden Dentistas
International dentist group in Barcelona. Open Monday to Friday.
Orthoestetic Barcelona
Clinic covering different fields of dentistry like orthodontics, endodontics, prosthetics, surgery and implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, paediatric dentistry and geriodontics.
Dentist offering same day Implants, titanium root, dental veneers, Orthodontic treatments with first visit free.
Clinica Dental Image
English speaking dentists. General dentistry, implantology, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and cosmetic work. 
Tingsvall & McCarthy Dental Clinic
Holistic dental treatment. English, Spanish, Catalan and Swedish spoken. At 47 Castellnou, Bajos – 08017 Barcelona.
Grup Dr. Bladé
Full service dental clinic. C/ Numància 94-96, bajos, Barcelona 08029.
Centre Dental Enric Pintado
Dental Centre comprising of dentists, dental technicians, dental hygienists and clinical assistants. Ctra. de Vic 11-13, entresòl 08241 Manresa, Barcelona.