Going Out: Guides & Resources

Accessible Barcelona
Information for disabled people either travelling to or living in Barcelona. Information on hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs, public transport and getting around Barcelona.
Barcelona Rocks
Website dedicated to live music in Barcelona. Information on concerts, venues and where to buy tickets.
Online city guide for Barcelona. Information on travelling to Barcelona, property, hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, beaches, fitness and transport.
Information on Barcelona nightlife, restaurants and accommodation, car hire and ticket sales.
Barcelona City Council
English version of Barcelonas town hall site with information on travel, events and local issues.
Time Out
Magazine with information on all the local events, cafes and bars, hotels and restaurants.
Going Native in Catalonia
Guide to Catalonia with information on food, language, local festivals and town guides. Based on 20 years of living in Catalonia.
Barcelona tourist guide. Information on restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, shops, spas, events, attractions and businesses. Get reviews, directions and information on all the latest venues and businesses in Barcelona.