Libraries & Book Exchanges

Biblioteca de Associao Numismatica Espanyola (ANE)
Numismatic Association of Spain with extensive library facility for members with books and journals in English and Spanish. Internet available. Gran Via Corts Catalanes 627, 1a, 08010 Barcelona.
The British Council Barcelona
Centre for British cultural activities and full library facilities. Internet available. See website for details. Amigo 83, 08021 Barcelona.
Biblioteca Publica Barceloneta
Public lending and reference library. Group and cultural activities. Internet available. C Comte de Santa Clara, 8-10
Biblioteca de Catalunya
Catalonias principal archive, reference and public lending library. Internet available. Open Monday to Friday from 09:00-20:00, Saturdays from 09:00-14:00. C Hospital 56, 08001 Barcelona.
Biblioteca Publica Joan Miro
Public lending and reference library with many cultural events organised throughout the year. Internet available. See website for opening times. Vilamari 61, 08015 Barcelona.
Biblioteca Publica Les Roquetes
Public lending and reference library with reading club and various cultural activities. Internet available. See website for opening times. Pla de Fornells 31, 08042 Barcelona.
Biblioteca Publica Infantil i Juvenil Lola Anglada
Childrens public reference and lending library with activities and reading clubs. Internet available. See website for opening times. Rocafort 236, 08029 Barcelona.
Calibre Audio Books
UK charity: supplies audio books in English on cassette or disk to visually impaired and disabled people. The free service is available to members (registration can be made via the website). Free postal service to anywhere in Europe.
Biblioteca Santiago Rusinol de Sitges
Public lending library with cultural activities. See website for opening times. Internet available. Pl de lAjuntament, 08870 Sitges.
Institute of North American Studies
English library facility with internet. Via Augusta 123, 08006 Barcelona.
Centre Francesca Bonnemaison - Biblioteca Publica
Public reference and lending library. Internet available. Sant Pere Mes Baix 7, 08003 Barcelona. See website for opening times.
IWCB English Library
Over 500 titles in English. Free service to members of the International Womens Club. Associate Membership available for people who dont belong to the club. Open Wednesdays 16:00-17:30, Friday 11:30-13:00 at Caponata 13, Bajos, Room B4, Barcelona.