Property Search & House Hunters

Urbane International Real Estate
Real Estate agency offers bespoke real estate services.
Home Hunting Barcelona
Residential, commercial property. Also offers parking and office spaces.
Strategic & Buy
Real-estate professionals who research, assess and strategically plan your purchase.
Khalil & Kane
Bespoke property search and acquisition agents. The company finds, acquires, manages and relocates to real estate in Spain.
Barcelona Property Finder
Property finding service for Barcelona and the surrounding area. Houses and flats plus help with negotiations; with the necessary documentation and check your contract.
Premier Spain
As a Real Estate personal shopper we go along with the client in the purchase or rent of any real estate property in Barcelona.
Casa Home Search SL
Independent property search to help with buying all types of property in Barcelona and the Costa Brava. Also offer full relocation service. Based in central Barcelona.
Nigel Lovell
Property search, management, relocation services and personal concierge. For individuals, families and small companies moving to Barcelona. 
Barcelo Property Invest
One stop boutique services offering a complete and personalised solution to real estate buyers and investors.
Aixhome Bcn
Personal Property Shopper in Barcelona, Maresme and Costa Brava.
House Catalonia
Real estate agency specialising in farmhouses and rustic houses in spain.
Barcelona Prime
Property search, investment and administration. Safe, transparent access to investment real estate and distressed property in Barcelona and the surrounding area.
Offers residential and commercial properties in Spain.
Spain Advisors
Independent property purchase service. Help in negotiating and buying property in Spain. 
Lucas Fox
Offering a bespoke property search service for those looking for their ideal house or apartment in Barcelona, Maresme, Sitges, Sant Cugat and the Costa Brava.
Eliore Properties
Property developer and estate agent in Barcelona, offering property sale, purchase and rent.