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Experienced English speaking teachers in both Theory and Driving. 4 day intensive courses available. Contact Srta. Belen Minolli 93-2003324. At Calle Beethoven 16, Barcelona. Call Today!

AUTOESCUELA CORSA is the only driving school in Barcelona that offers both theoretical classes and driving lessons in English.

License Validity:

All licenses issued by the European Union are valid in Spain. Other licenses are valid provided they have not expired and that the driver has not been a Spanish resident for more than 6 months. (As a resident, you can use your license for 6 months, but after this period you must obtain a Spanish license.)

After these 6 months the license holder must:

- Co-validate his or her license for a Spanish license if there is an agreement with the country in which your license was issued. (Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Croacia, Ecuador, Marruecos, Nicaragua, Peru, Republica Dominicana, Paraguay, Urugay, Venezuela, Brasil,El Salvador, Filipinas, Guatemala, Serbia, Turquia, Tunez, Ucrania, Macedonia, Andorra, Corea, Japon, Suiza)

- Obtain a Spanish license

The process:

The tests to obtain the license include; a theoretical examination of 30 multiple choice questions and a driving test on public roads that lasts approximately 25 minutes. CORSA can help you through the whole process. We have both manual and automatic practice vehicles.

The Spanish government offers the test in English, and at CORSA we have all of the necessary materials and experienced teachers ready to help you pass the examination with ease.

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