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Just arrived to Barcelona (Spain) and you need to drive? AutoescuelaCorsa will help you in all the necessary procedures to get your Spanish driver's license. In an easy and fun way, in a short time and all in English. Get more information visiting our center located in C/ de Beethoven 16, 08012 Barcelona, through our telephone 647.74.24.70. (Contact person Srta. Silvia) or through our mail: Visit our website: Call today!

 Autoescuela Corsa is the only driving school in Barcelona that offers theoretical classes and driving lessons in English. Our experienced English speaking teachers will help you in all the necessary procedures to get your Spanish driver's license.

We offer a complete package that includes 4 day intensive theory course, teaching material, theory test questions bank online, Formal Procedures and 5 Driving Lessons.


Our easy and quick method:


-        Theory Course in English. The whole theory phase is done in English, with an experienced teacher.

-        Theory Test Question Bank Online. Make sure you pass the theory test doing all our multiple-choice test.

-        Intensive Theory Course. In just two weekends. (4 days).

-        One to One driving lessons. Always with same teacher and same car. Manual and Automatic dual controlled cars.


The process:

The tests to obtain the license include:

-        Theoretical Test: Made up of 30 questions. It’s multiple choices, only one answer is correct for each question and you can make a maximum of 3 mistakes.

-        The driving Test: On public roads during 25 min. exam approximately. If you break a rule, miss a sign or the driving instructor (seated as a co-pilot) has to use his brakes, then you fail. The examiners are very strict on this. It’s not only about your driving ability, but also about how you focus your mind in an exam situation.


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License Validity:

A) European licenses (including Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein)

It is not mandatory to validate your license until it expires. Once it has expired or shortly before the expiration date, it is obligatory to validate it and exchange it for a Spanish license.

Those indefinite driver´s licenses (that never expire) or those which are valid over 15 years, have to be exchanged for a Spanish license no later than 2 years after getting legal residency in Spain.

Once you have exchanged your license:

-        The driver obtains 12 points (Spain has a system of points in which, depending on the severity of the traffic violations: minor/serious/very serious, points get taken away.

-        You are entitled to drive motorcycles until 125cc (if the original license is at least 3 years old).

-        The original license will be returned to the country of origin.

-        All types of licenses will be validated.

-        All types of licenses will be validated even if they are lost.


NOTE: The license holder of a vehicle with a foreign license plate has one month after receiving the residency to VALIDATE THE LICENSE PLATE.


B) Licenses of countries with an agreement (non-Europeans)

License holders from these countries will have to validate their license and exchange it for a Spanish license 6 months after receiving their residency in Spain.

Andorra, Argelia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Ecuador, El Salvador, The Philippines, Guatemala, Macedonia, Japan, Morocco, Monaco, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Serbia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay and Venezuela.

If license holders from any of the above countries have an expired license or have lost their license, they will not be able to exchange it for a Spanish one, with the exception of Andorra, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea and Monaco.


C) Driver´s licenses from other countries (USA, Canada, Australia, etc.)

The license´s holders from these countries can drive in Spain with their original licenses for a maximum of 6 month5s from the date they entered Spain and for another 6 months after receiving their residency.

After that time, these licenses are not valid in Spain any more. Therefore you must get a Spanish driver´s license in order to drive.