British UKCP registered Psychotherapist

Peter Zelaskowski, British UKCP registered psychotherapist and lecturer with over 20 years experience in London and Barcelona. Available face-to-face in central Barcelona or online. Fees reasonable and negotiable.

Peter Zelaskowski

British UKCP registered Psychotherapist  


 I have nearly 30 years of experience working in both public and private mental health and educational settings. I was trained in London University and Barts Hospital in the City of London. Before, I trained as a therapist, I worked in London teaching teenagers who were at risk of care and custody. 


Whether you work with me because of depression, anxiety, addiction, problems adapting to life in Barcelona or relationship concerns…whatever brings you to see me, I will attempt to listen closely, while engaging you in an open, honest, self-reflective and supportive therapeutic relationship geared towards helping you feel more active, assertive and engaged in your world. My approach places relantionships and communications at the heart and soul of human experience.

My work is fundamentally centred, whether we work individually or in a group, on opening up communication in the many and varied relationships of our complex lives. 

I strive to avoid making judgements on the basis of your gender, sexuality, race, religion, nationality or class. During the many years I have been working in this region, I have been astonished by the national, cultural and social diversity of my client group. I have worked with people from over 35 different nationalities. Additionally, as a lecturer in the field of the creative arts therapies in Barcelona I have worked with hundreds of students from all over the world. My own background is culturally and linguistically mixed. My father is Polish, my mother Irish, my wife Spanish, my children…. English is my mother tongue. 

I am very actively involved in a number of professional networks and associations. I enjoy my work and maintain close attention to my own continuing professional development and work at looking after myself and keeping informed about contemporary currents and research. 



PLEASE NOTE: I am open to negotiating my fees within a reasonable range.



Contact information 

Phone: (0034) 628 915 040

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]