VIPPA-BCN - Your Local Personal Assistant (PA) in Barcelona

Concierge and Personal Shoppers

We provide solutions to any person or company who needs to hire a bespoke PA service when in Barcelona for personal or professional reasons. Our aim is to make your life easier and allow you to save time in your day-to-day planning.


With our “Pay as you go service” you can choose anytime the best options that suit your needs. VIPPA-BCN offers all kind of services you may require during your stay in our city: Personal Assistant (PA), Personal Shopper, Consultancy, Bookings, Event organising, Custom-made experiences and urgent and unexpected events.

 We want you to care about what it is really important so our Staff is at your disposal at all times. We have different services modalities for you to choose: 

 Full time service: Face to face service 24/7 all year around availability.

Part time service: Face to face service upon request.

Tailored service: Non face to face service. We plan and manage all your requests and we take care of them.

Pack per hours: You can use our time slots so you can use them only when you need.

Priority attention: We look after your urgent needs or unexpected events

Assistance & Advice: If you only need advice on which are the best choices for you, our Assistance & Advice modality it is definitely your best option.


Let us know what your needs are and request us your estimate with absolutely no obligation. In VIPPA-BCN our goal is to make your life easier because we are very proud to be your Local Personal Assistant in Barcelona.