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Russell Dean BSc DC, UK registered chiropractor. Vastly experienced (25+ years) of care for the spine and nervous system. Quality of life and living without limitations for all the family; from infants, to elite athletes, to grandparents.

Welcome to Quiropractic Remedy Centre
Established in the United Kingdom since 1991, Quiropractic Remedy Centre has been providing premium health and vitality care to Sant Cugat since 2008. Experienced Chiropractor Russell Dean will listen to your concerns and find a solution. If improved health, vitality and wellbeing are your goal we’ll help you find a strategy.
How Can We Help?
People first come to see us for a wide variety of reasons.
Many contact us due to back pain and other spinal or pain-related issues, but we pride ourselves on how many people stay with us because they feel great with chiropractic care.
Chiropractic is not only an effective, non invasive, drug free way of curing aches and pains, it also paves the way to better health.
At Quiropractic Remedy we don’t just deal with physical ailments. Our holistic approach to care means that we are not happy unless you achieve both physical and mental wellbeing.
We treat a huge amount of people suffering from physical, chemical and emotional stress not only by treating the aches and pains that appear as a result, but also through advising the best ways to reduce these stresses. Russell can also advise you on how to be truly healthy, and how best to achieve wellbeing whilst living in Catalunya
Some people require chiropractic care after an accident such as a slip, fall or car accident, as these not only cause pain in the short term but can also lead to long term problems if left untreated. Perhaps you are suffering with aches and pains after an accident, from sitting at a computer all day, heavy lifting or from repetitive activities at work, if so, chiropractic can help.
At Quiropractic Remedy we treat many people who are suffering with back and neck pain, but this is not only where our talents lie. Chiropractic can effectively treat the causes of pain in all areas of your body whether it’s your back, neck, hips, legs, arms, shoulders or even head! We treat many people who suffer with headaches or migraines who see a real difference after chiropractic care.
Good posture is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve due to elements of modern day, city living. Sitting down for long periods of time, slouching over computers, regularly using portable media devices and wearing inappropriate bags or footwear are all contributing to serious postural problems. At QRC we provide effective solutions for people suffering with conditions such as Forward Head Posture , scoliosis and High Shoulder. As well as advising them on the best ways to avoid the issue progressing in the future.
Sports Performance
Russell loves sport and is increasingly seeing new clients who understand that alignment is key to top level performance in their chosen field. If you’ve pushed yourself a little too far, he is highly trained in diagnosing, treating and advising on how best to avoid sporting injuries. Many professional sports people have Chiropractors on tour with them to ensure they stay balanced and at full strength in training and competition.
Family and Pregnancy
We have many families visiting us for regular adjustments, while others find us during pregnancy or after birth. Russell Dean is trained in Cranio-sacral therapy and Neuro Impulse Protocol, both of which are procedures designed to give your little ones the very best start in life. Chiropractic can be hugely beneficial to children of all ages due to the enormous changes their bodies go through, It’s also great for mum and dad! (Did we mention we can help treat stress?)
To find out how we can help you, give us a call and speak to our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly reception team.
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