Martin Marino - Moving to Spain made simple!

Moving to another country, making business abroad, legal issues, administrative red tape… it is usually a hassle  but  it gets worst when it is not in your language.Our English speaking team of Administrators Lawyers and Advisors  will make things easier for you and will assist you in any legal affair.

Our International & Legal Department  in Martin & Mariño Gestiones  provides expert advice on:

·       Immigration:

o   EU citizens residence registration and documentation.

o   Work and residence permits for employed  or self-employed individuals.

o   Non-Lucrative residence permit and Golden visas.

o   Legal stay and residence for foreign students.

o   Family reunification.

o   Residence for Investors, Entrepreneurs, Highly qualified professionals and Researchers.  (Ley 14/2013)

o   Acquisition of Spanish Nationality.

·       Relocation

o   Vehicle Import /export ,  registration and deregistration,  number plates, purchases  and changes of ownership, etc.

o   Foreign driving licence legalise for Spain.

o   Recognition of foreign education qualifications.

o   Procurement of supplies and Internet and telephone access

o   Assistance in house, schools and language schools search.

o   Utility, Telephone and Internet connection assistance.


·       EU and International Law

o   Cross- border successions and wills: Last Will & Testament planning; Recognition and execution of foreign wills and  Heritage acceptances in Spain.

o   Family Law;

o   Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Spain.  (Exequatur)


·       Commercial and Civil Law:

o   Legal advice and  Establishment of companies and businesses.

o   National and international commercial contracts.

o   Real State: Rentals and leases and Sales

o   Debt Collection; Cross-border civil and commercial claims

o   Copyright:  Legal advice for authors, creators and users, Works registration, royalties claims , Global  Licensing  for users

o   Lawsuits  and  Litigation in Spanish and International civil and commercial matters.

·       Criminal Law

o   Legal Advice and  Assistance of foreigners victims of crimes in Spain.

o   Legal defence  of foreigners accused of crimes in Spain.


·       Labour and Social Security Law:

o   Self -Employed

o   Contracts,  dismissals,  changes in working conditions, sanctions, permits, etc,

o   Social Security obligations and benefits.


·       Tax Law:  

o   Tax Advice and planning ; individuals and companies in Spain,

o   Establishment of foreign businesses in Spain