English speaking Psychologist and Psychotherapist- Esther Tapiz

Psychotherapist and group analyst specialising in cultural adjustment. Insight oriented approach for children,adolescents,adults and families. Offices in Barcelona (Sarriá) and Sant Cugat del Valles.

I am a trained Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, group analyst and Europsy accredited Psychotherapist (European Certificate in Psychology). I hold several Masters in Psycho-diagnosis, Psychotherapy and Analytical Group Therapy.

COPC, CISI, HTH, Asiser and Blue Cross/Blue Shield member.

Over the past 15 year I have dedicated myself to helping others understand whats the matter and finding the best way to cope,  and improving their quality of life in a profound and lasting way. Besides my private practice, I have worked with public and private mental health clinics treating children, adolescents and adults. This diversity has allowed me to get to know the most common problems and their treatments from different viewpoints.

I  provide help and support when:

·        You feel trapped in a situation from which you are unable to          escape.

·        You have frequent conflicts with those around you.

·        You think that nobody understands you.

·        You feel very sad without knowing why.

·        You lack motivation to move forward.

·        Youre not in control of what happens to you.

·        Youre not comfortable with yourself or with the life you lead.

·        You take substances like alcohol or drugs to feel better.

·        You have physical symptoms that concern you (anxiety, tachycardia, insomnia, dermatitis, migraine,               etc..).

·        You suffer from ups and downs in your mood.

·        You suffer from social phobia.

·        You worry about everything.

·        You suffer from anger management, and you take it out on others.

·        Youre not sure how to deal with your difficulties.

·        You suffer from pressure at work, bullying, etc..

Besides, by working from an unbiased perspective and being able to understand your blind spots  I´ll be able to guide you whether it be simply trying to get to know yourself better, or for personal and professional development.



-  Barcelona (Sarriá): Angel Guimera, 37, 5th floor. 08017 Barcelona

                                         FCG: Les Tres Torres

                                         Bus 16, 30, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74

    -  Sant Cugat del Valles: Avda. Pere Planas, 36-38. 08198 San Cugat de Valles

                                                FCG: La Floresta