Enrique Arellano Farias: Polyvagal Theory informed Psychotherapy for adults

Searching for Safety is a drive engrained in our nervous system. I am here to offer my professional assistance and experience to help you move through any situation that is challenging you right now, and help you find a sense of safety. 

My work provides a map to help you move safely through excessive anxiety or disconnection back into safety and regulation. Call me to have an initial interview and see if we could work together in service of your situation. I am glad to help.

In addition to psychotherapy services I provide the following to groups of individuals, schools or companies alike:

Safe & Sound auditory protocol to manage emotional and social engagement systems that help us return to felt connection with others and thus provide us with safety and emotional security.

Circle of Security Parenting Program:  It’s an eight-week program research-based to help parents to understand and fulfill the emotional needs of their kids creating "secure attachment." Secure attachment is the foundation of all healthy growth and also a principal ingredient for behavioral and cognitive development.

Cultivating the Emotional Balance: it’s a 36-hour training of breathing, mindfulness, and theory of emotion. It results in a significant reduction in stress and anxiety. Provides the ground for self-compassion and compassion for others that helps to establish lasting feelings of inner peace and genuine joy. 

English & Spanish speaking therapist working with an attachment, emotional and relational focus. I work with individual adults and couples. The Auditory protocol is available also for kids.

Twenty-five years of clinical experience. I am regularly Supervised by Senior American Psycho-analysts and Psychologist.