GES 40 Assessors

GES40 is a law firm established in 1986. They aim to provide comprehensive legal counselling to both individuals and companies, in all areas of law. As a team they are highly specialised in a number of different legal areas, with high levels of training, experience and professional strength.

“GSE40 devotes their efforts to provide full support and assistance to conduct any personal or business activity in Spain with confidence”

Their values
GES40 believe that their clients come first. That is why they offer a fully personalised service, providing rapid, effective responses without compromising the quality of their service.
  • Understanding their clients’ needs
  • Personalised service
  • Team with high levels of training, experience and professional strength
  • The assurance of working with a fixed price. Transparency in setting fees
  • Periodic updates on the results of their work
  • Innovation. Each day they invest in the search for innovative solutions to improve the services they offer to our clients
GES40 also offer their clients a 24-hour online consultation service. Through this online follow-up service, interested parties can access their virtual office to consult the information in their files anytime and from anywhere.
You can access their online consultation service through the following link