Isabel Soler

If you have experienced trauma, either from a single traumatic event or from a lifetime of traumatic experiences, I understand how challenging and difficult functioning can be. Trauma can affect every aspect of our life, our sense of safety, however long gone the actual threats may be, our sense of identity, and confidence in our ability to thrive. I also understand how important and necessary it is to find ways to alter these limiting patterns. I am a trained and licensed psychotherapist in the United States and have two Master’s, one in Mental Health Counseling and in Sociology and have over 18 years experience.

I'm licensed in the US National Boards as a LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor, an LCAS, Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialists. I specialize in issues related to trauma and certified in mind/body psychotherapies recommended for the treatment of trauma, EMDR, Clinical Hypnotherapy, TRM and Trauma Informed Yoga for Mental Health, Guided Imagery and others.

Currently I am doing a Dance and Movement Therapy Postgrad and will begin a Masters in EMDR and Psychotherapy.

I'd be honored to be part of your process of change, to create strength out of the difficulties you previously experienced. Although this unfolding process is a daily practice, one that is built step by step, it is most rewarding and necessary.

Practice addresses: 08010, Barcelona, Barcelona and 08320, El Masnou, Barcelona