Jungian Psychologist, Lecturer, Supervising Therapist

Kamen B. Petrov, Jungian Psychotherapist, and Lecturer, member of the British Psychological Society. More than 20 years of experience. Professor at Metafora Barcelona. Read more at www.innerwisdomquest.com He offers a free introductory visit and affordable fees.

Kamen B. Petrov is an experienced psychotherapist who helps his clients deal with the difficulties in their relationships and become aware of the unconscious emotions and dynamics that shape them. This gives people the chance to transform and to move forward from dysfunctional patterns, to understand much better their emotions, and to create deeper, more meaningful and more satisfying relationships.

He helps people with a wide variety of psychological issues like relationship difficulties, dealing with important transitions and changes in their life, low self esteem, anxiety, lack of confidence, difficulties in their sexual and intimate life, identity crisis and identity issues, phobias, depression, worrying and obsessive thoughts, compulsive behavior, recovering from trauma and posttraumatic stress, eating disorders, borderline personality problematic and many others.

In order to learn more, to ask him a question or to reserve a free introductory session, visit his website: www.innerwisdomquest.com


Phone: + 34 603 490 498

E-mail: kamenbpetrov@gmail.com