Lisa Filippova

English/Russian/Spanish speaking psychologist. Over 8 years of private practice. Collaborated with various institutions in Moscow, Barcelona and NYC. Certified existential analyst and dance/movement therapist. Attends adults and children.


Soon after the start of my university education, I began working with groups of teenagers. Since then I have worked in clinical and business settings with groups and individuals of all ages. Over the years I have collaborated with schools, mental health institutions and universities in Moscow, New York and Barcelona.  For the last 8 years I have concentrated on my private psychotherapy practice. I have lived in Barcelona since 2010, offering psychological support in Russian, English and Spanish.



My graduate degree is in Clinical Psychology (Moscow State University). The university provided me with an excellent academic psychological background and ample clinical experience in mental health institutions. What the university did not offer was training in how to actually conduct psychotherapy.  Even before graduating from university, I embarked on a 4-year study of Existential Analysis, provided by the Austrian GLE-international psychotherapy institution. This was still not enough because I wanted to make the body and one’s relationship with it a part of my sessions. This is how I came to acquire an MA in Dance Movement Therapy (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). I also have certificates from shorter programs and seminars in such approaches as NLP, Gestalt, group training and others.



My methods greatly vary from one client to another, depending on their specific needs. With some it would be mainly “talk therapy”, with others movement-based sessions; and sometimes I combine them in different proportions. All the sessions I offer are based on respect for my clients, their needs, desires and wishes. My work is aimed towards helping my clients find a way to live their lives with inner consent and a feeling of fulfillment. While working with me, clients achieved impressive tangible changes: overcoming obsessive thoughts, giving up addictions, resolving marital difficulties, setting and reaching professional goals etc, both in short- and long-term processes.


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