Step Up with V Leadership Coaching & Personal Branding

Coach for new leaders and professionals in transition to leadership. I help you develop a leadership character and mindset, gain the trust of your peers and team, and build your personal brand.

Hi, my name is Veronica Mesuraca, founder of Step Up with V. I coach enthusiastic, innovative, and global-minded new leaders and professionals in transition to leadership. I’m also specialised in Personal Branding to help you communicate who you are and who you want to become, both online and offline, in a way that is real, stands out, and delivers value to your audience.
Through my coaching program you will:
  • Gain self-awareness, understand external feedback and develop the character and presence to influence and lead others.  
  • Develop a leadership mindset and look at the bigger picture beyond your individual contribution and daily tasks.
  • Define what leadership means to you, why you want to be a leader, and how to share your vision with your team and peers.  
  • Improve your communication skills to communicate and connect with others in a way that is authentic and effective.
  • Learn how to develop and empower others so they can work autonomously and grow.
Through my Personal Branding program you will:
  • Gain a stronger sense of identity and understand external feedback
  • Clarify your goals and purpose
  • Use your strengths and unique traits to position and differentiate yourself
  • Understand who your audience is and how you can deliver value to them
  • Communicate authentically and effectively to connect with your audience
  • Gain more visibility and build a reputation that is true to your values
  • Save time and energy by only focusing on what's important to you
I coach in English and Spanish, both in person (if you live in Barcelona) and online. Among others, I’ve coached C-level professionals and business owners in Spain, UK, and the USA. I obtained my Diploma in Transformational Coaching at Animas Centre for Coaching in London, recognised by the International Coaching Federation. Additionally, I have a Personal Branding Strategist Certificate from US-based Reach, the global leader in Personal Branding. Before starting Step Up with V, I worked in international companies and in sectors including global export, telecoms and tech, supporting management teams and executives.
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