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House/Pet Sitting Assignment Wanted 0 Home & Garden
We are profe...
started by: French Riveria House & Pet Sitters · last update: 1471782781 · posted: 1471782781
Bars 1 Food & Drink
Good Bars in Barcelona? Chilled vibes
started by: dannyw-160641 · last update: 1471776214 · posted: 1471433570
Barcelona merch 1 Sport & Leisure
I am looking for some Barca Merch stores? Anyone know of any?
started by: dannyw-160641 · last update: 1471776130 · posted: 1471595067
Groomers 0 Pets & Animals
Me again! Does anyone know a dog groomers in the centre? :) 
started by: emily -jones -863725 · last update: 1471775015 · posted: 1471775015
Dog walkers 0 Pets & Animals
Any dog walkers about?? Would be fab!
started by: emily -jones -863725 · last update: 1470748572 · posted: 1470748572
Fringe theatre 0 Entertainment
I am into off broadway productions in straight theatre, know any? would be very much appreciated. 
started by: dannyw-160641 · last update: 1470317009 · posted: 1470317009
Yoga 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Got to get into yoga, where, when?
started by: dannyw-160641 · last update: 1470316957 · posted: 1458229447
Pilates classes 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I am trying to get fit and hear Pilates is the best way to do so. Anyone know any good classes? 
started by: emily -jones -863725 · last update: 1469787824 · posted: 1469787824
Tapas 1 Food & Drink
Does anyone know a good authentic tapas bar for some good old tourists? ;) 
started by: emily -jones -863725 · last update: 1469622907 · posted: 1469445679
Photography exhibition 2 Entertainment
Any good photography exhibitions going on in Barcelona now or in the future? 
started by: dannyw-160641 · last update: 1469098806 · posted: 1467970359
Party 1 Entertainment
Looking for somewhere to have my friends party. A venue for about 50 people? Thanks 
started by: dannyw-160641 · last update: 1469098742 · posted: 1469010826
I really need legal advise as my landlor... 0 Financial & Legal
Hi everyone. I am an EU citizen living in Barcelona in a single room in a shared apartment. The lease holder is ...
started by: Steve-Haddow-864575 · last update: 1468497600 · posted: 1468497600
Brilliant new product; Medicarte Transla... 0 General
started by: beverly-squire-864487 · last update: 1468411879 · posted: 1468411879
Catalans Normandy 0 Families & Kids
We are a family with three children 6, 5 and 3 year olds, looking to connect with Catalan speaking families. We ...
started by: sylvia-de vigneral-864319 · last update: 1468352602 · posted: 1468352602
Man & Van Hire 1 General
Looking to move belongings from Costa Brava to Normandy in France (approx distance is 1100km). Need to hire regi...
started by: fgalal · last update: 1468152974 · posted: 1463216369
Removals 1 Home & Garden
Hello.I am moving inside the city to a new apartment. Looking to move a fifty-inch television ...
started by: Yaroslav Dvoychenkov · last update: 1468152928 · posted: 1465056607
Recommendation for a property lawyer in ... 1 Financial & Legal
Hi,I would like to know if someone can recommend a property lawyer in Barcelona. I am intending to buy a ...
started by: Haseeb-280867 · last update: 1468152797 · posted: 1462710483
Ballet classes 1 Families & Kids
Me again! I wanted to find out if there were any places where my young daughter could do ballet? She is just sta...
started by: emily -jones -863725 · last update: 1467796605 · posted: 1467711897
Nursery 1 Families & Kids
My daughter is 3 years old and i would like to find a good nursery, any good ones?
started by: emily -jones -863725 · last update: 1467710843 · posted: 1467624626
Spanish Nationality 2 General
We have had many enquiries since the Brexit referendum about how to get Spanish citizenship so we thought we'd p...
started by: Madge · last update: 1467624757 · posted: 1467296382
Statement by HMA Simon Manley, British A... 0 General
Simon Manley, British Ambassador to Spain, today...
started by: dannyw-160641 · last update: 1466799926 · posted: 1466799926
Will swap a huge estate in Russia for a.... 0 Home & Garden
started by: F-Freddie-862315 · last update: 1466085316 · posted: 1466085316
Need a commercial kitchen to rent. 0 Food & Drink
I am looking for a commercial kitchen space to rent in central Barcelona. I am opening a small deli and need spa...
started by: lucy-cheyney-859193 · last update: 1463074556 · posted: 1463074556
Have you got a illustrated Book Project ... 0 General
Have you a illustrated book project yo...
started by: angiep-112816 · last update: 1462607704 · posted: 1462607704
Looking to buy a Barca property - recomm... 1 Home & Garden
Hi, I am looking to buy a property in Barcelona (probably a one or two bed flat), is there a repu...
started by: Haseeb-280867 · last update: 1461743902 · posted: 1458828745
Bright double room w/ terrace access in ... 0 Home & Garden
started by: Vivian-Richmond-857334 · last update: 1461466605 · posted: 1461466605
English-speaking Taxi driver? 0 General
Hello,Would you know any taxi drivers in Barcelona who speak good english? We are opening Welcome (www.we...
started by: ALEXANDROS-TRIMIS-856382 · last update: 1460728510 · posted: 1460728510
Best Irish Bar 2 Food & Drink
Looking for the best Irish Bar in the centre of Barcelona? Cheers in advance
started by: dannyw-160641 · last update: 1460607229 · posted: 1458229381
Losing a UK driving licence 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello, one more time on driving licences. I'm A UK driver, resident in Spain, with a Spanish reg. car. I know ...
started by: Jeremy Newman-168078 · last update: 1460301738 · posted: 1460301738
Large Sized Shoes 1 General
Hello,I am wondering if anyone can recommend a shop that sells large sized shoes in Barcelona.  My husban...
started by: · last update: 1459968582 · posted: 1459595175
House Sitter 0 General
My name is Vanessa and my husband and I (45 & 48yrs) live in Barcelona, are Australians and are a profe...
started by: · last update: 1456055577 · posted: 1456055577
Cat Sitter Wanted 1 Pets & Animals
Hello, My husband and I live in Barcelona and are hoping to make plans to go away for a couple of weeks i...
started by: · last update: 1455653912 · posted: 1447328472
House Insurance experience 0 Home & Garden
Hi!I found the link with insurance company list. But I wanna hear real experience.Could you tell me ...
started by: Llinda · last update: 1455144760 · posted: 1455144760
Taxi or Transfer needed from Barcelona a... 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi, My Mum arrives in Barcelona on 27th Feb and needs a lift to (near) Narbonne in France.  Does anyone kno...
started by: Vendee Hearts-545425 · last update: 1454927089 · posted: 1454861831
UK registered car for sale - 600 Euro 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello, We are an Israeli family that a bought a car in the UK, we traveled to Portugal and Spain and now ...
started by: urivered · last update: 1453837825 · posted: 1453837825
Hiking guide in Barcelona 0 Sport & Leisure
started by: pere sauret · last update: 1452805012 · posted: 1452805012
Does anyone have a car that needs taken ... 0 General
We are going to London to collect a nother car, as my husband, has a debilatating condition and we need a bigger...
started by: Graves Disease · last update: 1452771014 · posted: 1452771014
driving to Barcelona cruise terminal 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
hello, wondering if anyone has any advice?  we need to get to the cruise port in Barcelona. We are d...
started by: Vendee Hearts-545425 · last update: 1452770639 · posted: 1450800028
Changes to State pension age for women 2 General
A new campaign group has recently formed in the UK called WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality Ca...
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1449959432 · posted: 1446553085
Washing machine repairer 1 Home & Garden
Hi there,  I have a washer dryer which works fine except when on dry water leaks from unit???? Does ...
started by: architect-193707 · last update: 1449834147 · posted: 1449618506
English speaking housekeeping 0 Home & Garden
I'm offering my services as housekeer. My cleaning services are thorough, consistent and customized and I’...
started by: silvia.vasi · last update: 1447870574 · posted: 1447870574
House/Pet sitting & Bespoke security 0 General
We are in Sitges every autumn and most Springs if you need voluntary help.  We specialize in house/pet sitt...
started by: housesitters-913381 · last update: 1447795493 · posted: 1447795493
House Sway Barcelona for Fez? 0 Home & Garden
Hello, I have a sunny two bedroom penthouse in Barcelona (Gracia) and would be interested in arranging a ...
started by: · last update: 1447778418 · posted: 1447778418
Property swap 0 Home & Garden
Hi all, We are currently living in Brittany, France and we are marketing our house - in which we have liv...
started by: glamourpuss85 · last update: 1447448889 · posted: 1447448889
Empty lorry 0 General
We have a an empty lorry heading from Cartagena to France early next week, please contact us for any possible lo...
started by: boxerhappy · last update: 1446039784 · posted: 1446039784
Lino flooring 0 General
Hi Does anyone know where I can get wood effect lino flooring please, the tiles in the apartment are terr...
started by: easal · last update: 1445190915 · posted: 1445190915
Any musicians who have experience with B... 0 General
I'm an American violinist finishing a fourth year in a French conservatory and I'm looking to move to Barcelona ...
started by: metronome7 · last update: 1444124207 · posted: 1444124207
English speaking birth education 5 week ... 0 Families & Kids
I will be running a five week birth education course for soon to be parents at the Barcelona Well Woman centre.
started by: krishinda · last update: 1443265999 · posted: 1443265999
Empty van going to Nice October 1 or 2nd... 0 General
Hello, I will be driving to Nice with my moving van from Barcelona. I am a licensed larg...
started by: krishinda · last update: 1443265305 · posted: 1443265305
Packing Service 0 General
Hello does anyone know of a service here that will pack up the contents of apartments - wihout the relocation?
started by: piper-166315 · last update: 1442780019 · posted: 1442780019