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Girls, I need your help! Yes, it's time to get my hair done again. As you may have seen in previous posts, I tried the English Hair Salon in Gracia, not impressed, will not be going back. So now I need to try another one. Where do you go? Are they good? Do they give good advice? It's difficult to find a hairdresser who will advise you on style and colour rather than those who just do whatever you say, regardless of whether you have a clue about what you're talking about! So, that's what I'm looking for, someone who won't dye my hair pink just because I ask them to (no, this isn't what went wrong last time). Oh, and of course s/he should speak English too, otherwise it might really end up pink! I work in Barcelona, live in Sitges so either town would be great.

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Anna-156046 1158568419

Well I think wherever you end up going to get your hair done, it may be worth flicking through a few hair mags beforehand to have a good idea of what you want. That way you are less likely to be persuaded by some well-meaning hairdresser (English or Spanish) that your hair would look good green with blue stripes and 2 inches long!


Sisi-156057 1158671290

I would say that it was worth spending a little more than you do usually. Then once the cut and colour are the way you like it, you can always go to a cheaper slaon in furture to have the same cut put back in and the colour copied.


Nicola-156153 1158683356

Thanks for your advice so far. Thing is, I know what I want and I pretty much have what I want, I just need the colour refreshing and the cut working in some layers that I'm growing out. I have always preferred to spend more for the right hairdresser than go cheap and it not be right. The first time I tried a salon here in Barcelona (English speaking too) I also wanted the same colour. I went in a sun-kissed highlighted blonde, came out a brunette! So that strategy didn't work

I also use the fact that a hairdresser can advise me on what will suit me and my hair as a guideline as to whether they are any good. I can walk in with a photo of Julia Roberts hair and be 100% sure that this is what I want. What I'm looking for here from a 'hair professional' is for them to say to me - Nicola, that's a great style but your hair can't and won't do that. Let's think of some alternatives...
Plus, this is a good hairdresser to know for the future when I do want something new...

But the last place I lived, it took me 3 years to find someone like this so I'm not holding my breath just yet. But I find the best way to find them is by recommendation so I'll live in hope...

SimonD-156332 1159653518

The best hairdresser I have been to where one of the assistants speaks English is Llonguerras in C/Benet Mateu, in Sarria. More expensive than most salons, but they do an excellent cut and treat you really well.

Anna-156046 1159778420

Don't suppose you have a phone number for that salon Simon?


Lesa-156427 1162910453

Nicola, I cant find a decent hairdresser here to save my life. I had found one last year and saw him faithfully, he did an amazing job on my color (and I am high maintenance when it comes to my hair, I use expensive products, get treatments regularily etc.) then this hairdresser went out on his own to open his own salon, and thats when it all started to go down hill. his new salon was amazing, but his work became very inconsistant. I was paying a fortune (190€ for cut / color/ flat iron) and sometimes he was doing half a job. so, i dumped him. now, i have no one nad my hair is an absolute disater. I need someone really good. ill spend. what does it take to get youre hair done in this town??? I saw a new woman last month, I needed soemone to take me from platinum blonde to natural brown. disappointment. i felt like I was getting my hair done by my girlfriend in her basement with discount products. only im so desperate, ive made another appointment. have you found anyone yet???


Nicola-156153 1162919187

Hi Lesa

As you can probably tell, I'm quite demanding when it comes to my hair. I ended up going to a great guy in Sitges that someone recommended. He is English and had his own salon in the UK for years. He works from his apartment now which is new for me but it was fine. Obviously, rinsing over the bath is different than in a salon but it didn't bother me. I'd rather get a good hairdresser than someone with a professional sink but no clue what they're doing.

He also advised me on cut and colour and took the time to listen to what I wanted, what I'd had done in the past etc. which I find really important. I hate it when they rush you through that bit and you've already got colour on your head or half the length is gone before you get a chance to ask a question!

The price was totally acceptable as well although I'm not sure what is 'normal' here in Spain.

Anyway, if you feel like a trip to Sitges, his name is Michael and his numbers are 93 894 4916 or 617 968 464. If you go at the weekend or in the evening, let me know and maybe we can meet up for a drink :)

Lesa-156427 1162972256

Sitges huh? thats a little bit of an intense trip for a hairdresser! at least for me, I live right in the cenre. infact, I am surrounded by hairdressers and cant find one!
I dont know how id like being in someones home. wasn't that kinda weird? i mean, im sure they dont have all the resources they would have in a salon. what kind of products did he use? and he gave you color? Im thinking this was the guy that answered your post on this site, no? I was wondering if you had called him. well, it sounds like youll be going back but Im just not convinced. this guy would have to be a bloody genius for me to schlep out to Sitges and go to his house. how happy were you??? you can email me if you [email protected] Thanks.


xoxosnowyxoxo 1318184210

My mother is a brilliant hardresser she works in a little salon in the bourne or she does house calls, throughout the summer she also does hair and make up for weddings, she is english and has worked as a hairdresser for 25years, she understands when 2inch is 2inch and not shave it off she listens and shes fantastic...
her number is 627 638 763
Hope that helps

hairbyadrian 1336615893

Hello my name is Adrian I am currently living in Dublin Ireland in 1 of the top salons and will be moving to Barcelona in july have a lot of experience
spent 10 years working in the USA , Boston , Miami, L.A. hopefully when i move to Barcelona i can help you with Hair problem. look forward to hearing from you.
take care

hairbyadrian 1336616109

hey its me again i will be able to give you exactly the color you want i am balayage expert loreal trained and on top of my game as a hairdresser.

hairbyadrian 1336616451

hello , my name is adrian currently working in dublin ireland moving to barcelona in july worked i usa for 10 years boston miami and l.a.hopefully i can help you
when i move to barcelona i used top only work from home in the usa and loved it for years have not looked into getting work there as i want to take a break but honestly want to find the best salon posible look forward to hearing from you i am loreal trained balayage expert and cut amazingly
take care

hairbyadrian 1345591605

call me i am an amazing hairdresser will come to you just moved to barcelona i worked in south beach miami newbury st boston and beverly hills la i have been here 2 weeks adrian 605153167 you will love my work trust me

brit-in-bcn 1352479939

Me and all my friends go to and English girl called Laura Wylde in El Born. She trained and worked at Trevor Sorbie in London. She is bloody fantastic. As she cuts from her own studio at home she has no salon over heads and is really cheap considering she used to charge £60 back home in London.

She charges €20 for women and €15 for men.

Check out her Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/hairathomebcn

She has loads of pictures and videos of her cutting hair.

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