DVD, CD, Video & Games

Yashow Market
Multi-storey market with a variety of vendors selling everything from designer clothes and accessories to CDs and video games. Open daily from 09:30-21:00. At 58 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Major electrical retail chain. Open daily from 09:00-22:00. At Zhejiang building, 26, Middle Rd of North 3rd Ring Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Multimedia chain store which stocks genuine recordings of Chinese and international artists. At AA02, BB01B, the Malls at Oriental Plaza, Wangfujing District, Beijing.
ZhongguancunZhongguancun Science Park
Known locally as electronics avenue: several prominent IT and electronics markets including Hailong, Dinghao, Taipingyang, Kemao and Guigu market vast range of electrical goods. At Zhongguancun Ave, Haidian District, Beijing.