Garden Equipment & Nurseries

Lai Tai Flower Market
Flower market which sells a large variety of plants and aquarium supplies. Open daily from 09:00-17:30. At 9 Maizidian Xilu, Sanyuanqiao District, Beijing.
Dushi Fangqun Gardening and Flower Market
The largest flower market in the south of Beijing. Open daily from 09:00-17:30. At 27 Chengshousi Lu Zhongjie, Fengtai District, Beijing.
Wuhao Curated Shop
Unique shop which sells works by upcoming designers including Bacsacs - mobile containers made of environmentally-friendly fabric for garden plants. Open Monday - Sunday from 14:00 - 20:00. At Maoer Hutong 35, Dongcheng District, Beijing.
Liangma Flower Market
Sells cut flowers and potted plants from a variety of vendors. Delivery available for a fee. Open daily from 08:30-18:30. At South bank of Liangma River, 758 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Dasenlin Flower Market
Market which sells cut flowers, potted plants, bonsai trees and aquarium supplies. Open daily from 08:30-18:00. At 5 Zaojunmiao, Haidian District, Beijing.
Beijing Haihongxing Shangmao Development Co. Ltd
Stockists of wooden garden furniture including picnic tables and chairs, wicker baskets, garden benches, swing seats and propane-fulled gas burners. Open daily from 09:00-18:30. At Store 34, Laitai Flower Market, Chaoyang District, Beijing.