Property Search & House Hunters

Fullhome Real Estate
Corporate relocation service and property hunters. Online selection of properties available to rent. Also professional maintenance service.
Bell & Well
Services include global relocation service and property listings for residential, commercial and investment needs. At Room 605 Full Tower, 9 Dongsanhuan Zhong Lu, Beijing 100020.
Beijing Real Estates
Apartments, villas, courtyards, office spaces and other commercial properties for rental or purchase. Property search and investment properties. At 309 Bailu Plaza, Houshayu, Shunyi, Beijing 101318.
E-House (China) Holdings Limited
Offers primary sales agency services, information and consulting services, online real estate services and investment fund management, among other related services.
Property search agency for domestic and commercial properties.
Our Man in Beijing
Commercial and domestic property searches, relocation packages, school search, spousal assistance, HR & executive search, short term accomodation and more.