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i want buy a new car from china suppliers , but i don't How to buy a new or used car from china ? and shipping to Uk service include ?pls help me 

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We want to spend Christms in Hong Kong this year but lso stay in Shanghai for a night or two on the way back - are we better to fly both ways or is it possible to do the train one way and fly one way - never done this before and wondering what the trains are like to do that length of journey.?  Any advice welcome.

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Don't laugh, I ran over my Dawes Shopping Bike which is beyond repair - is there anywhere here that I can get a Dawes as do so love them and don't want a cheap Chinese one.

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I am just wondering what I need to legally ride a motor scooter in Beijing. I am currently in HK and don't have any kind of licence so would I have to take some kind of course and test ?

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Where is the best place to get my exhaust from nd fitted please.  Main dealer wants a fortune.

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What happens if you have a car accident here, not had one yet which is more by luck than anything else, but just want to know if I do have one.  Is it just a case of exchanging details or do the police have to be notified (assuming it is a minor one).

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Can I hre a car in China or am I right in thinking that only residents can?

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I'm thinking of buying a scooter to run around while I'm here. I have a UK licence to ride motorcycles. Am I likely to have any problems?

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How many points do you get on your Chinese licence when stopped for speeding over here?

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Anyone been? Is it worth a visit?

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My mountain bike has had some gear trouble and wondering if it is worth repairing or should I replace it and what makes of bikes are available over here and where is the best place to get a good one.

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How do you get a Chinese driving licence over here - I have decided that I do need to have a car and understand that I shall need a temporary licence.

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Is there such a thing over here.  I would like to lease a car for just a year if possible and not buy one for such a hort time.  Any advice on what to get as a little run around.

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I need to change my Driving Licence to a Chinese one but can't find out which hospitals are authorised to do the medical examination that you need to obtain the new licence - can anyone tell me where I can get a list of the hospitals that are 'official'.

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I'm thinking of bringing my car from Hong Kong, since I'm likely to be here for some time. Will I need to re-register it?

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anyone found a car rental company with reasonable prices and fully comp insurance they could point me in the direction of? thanks

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can anyone help me with a car question? I want to start driving here. What do I have to do to be legal in terms of license etc?Many thanks

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