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Can anyone give me some suggestion on where to play some good slot machines online? I've recently moved and it's one of my favorite times to spend the evening, but the ones I've found are always having problems and whatnot. Let me know if you know some good ones.

started by: bizz · last update: 1456342136 · posted: 1455909921

Hi, does anyone know of any UK bands or entertainers are planning to come to Beijing this year?? Regards  

started by: Celyn · last update: 1453091231 · posted: 1452445010

Is there any Welsh social organisation or club in Beijing? Any suggestions welcome!

started by: Bonniface-10057591 · last update: 1452590690 · posted: 1450536929

Is there a guided tour of the Great Wall that we can book for 'Boxing Day' and if so where or who do we contact to book it?

started by: Luce-922509 · last update: 1448376363 · posted: 1448037376

Anywhere doing a Thanksgiving dinner here - if not I have to cook one which I am not keen to do!

started by: Erin-903729 · last update: 1445344517 · posted: 1444661521

We are off to see Giselle at the national centre for arts on the 23rd and would like to go for dinner after the performance - anyone have any recommendations for a restaurant close by please.

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I'm here for a few months and wondered if there were any Scottish groups established in Beijing?

started by: Bryana-903731 · last update: 1441421106 · posted: 1440690070

Which are the best bars that are likely to show the Rugby World Cup?

started by: Stella-4680 · last update: 1438742552 · posted: 1438391474

Can anybody recommend me any Anglophone groups where I can have fun and meet people?

started by: Bryana-903731 · last update: 1432730252 · posted: 1432472439

Just to let everyone know that there is an Irish Night at Paddy O'Shea's, 28 Dongzhimen Wai Dajie on the 28th - starts at 19:30.

started by: Osric · last update: 1432471854 · posted: 1432434498

Can't believe I am sat up watching this with a pile of friends - don't think much of the ones who have performed so far!

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Anyone know if the 2nd Best Marigold Hotel is on here yet and if so which cinemas.

started by: Denver-478277 · last update: 1422204282 · posted: 1422034918

As a visitor only here for 3 months I would like to know where the best place is to celebrate the Chinese New Year please.

started by: RHP-478771 · last update: 1418321071 · posted: 1417555134

Is there one anywhere??

started by: Nettles-903728 · last update: 1416615818 · posted: 1416545274

Does anyone know if the Nutcracker ballet is being performed anywhere? It's become something of a family tradition - we've been the last five years, in UK, France and the USA.

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So it has an audience of 160 million viewers in China - incredible!

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Just arrived in town and read that Downton Abbey is on Chinese TV. Can anyone tell me how I find it please?

started by: Erin-903729 · last update: 1414686112 · posted: 1413464491

Any being performed n Bejing over Xmas and if so where?

started by: Aubine · last update: 1412601691 · posted: 1412517121

So she is coming to Bejing this month to perform - good for her - not many western stars have been coming lately so even  though I am not that keen on her  I do have tickets.

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Recommendations for a good place for food and entertainment for a Girls Night Out in the City please.

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