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Ayi Liu has worked with us for the past 8+ months. She is a wonderful ayi who is an all-rounder. She literally managed everything at our home. From cooking, cleaning, laundry, to taking care of my baby girl. She started with us, when my baby was just 2 weeks old. She did a great job taking care of my daughter, who is now 8 months old and loves Liu to bits. She also did a great job with managing my diet and my girl’s first solid foods. Everything was home-made. Liu reads to my baby, takes her out for walks, gives her oil massage, bath and some baby exercises. Liu is a very quick learner and she also learnt some Indian cooking for us. She cooks Chinese and also western food. Liu has almost taken care of 10+babies. She has worked previously with Chinese, Singaporean, American, Germany, Norwegian, Indian-German families. she is a living out nanny housekeeper,she can work from Monday to Friday,13pm to 18pm.she does not mind working overtime. If Liu is the ayi you are looking for, then please do not hesitate to call her directly at this num: 15011128747 or wechat liu15011128747 or email her: liuling_1981624@163.com

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Hello, liu ayi is looking for morning work from 8am-11:00am Wednesday,Friday and Saturday,in chaoyang area. she speaks English and Chinese.She has experience working for Western families, good childcare experience, can cook and do household chores. Please pm her if you’re interested! [微笑]wechat: liu15011128747TEL 15011128747

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Does anyone know of a person who does Face Painting for private kids parties?

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Where can I buy Good Chocolate Easter Eggs - looking for brands like Cadburt's, Lindt or such like.

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At what time would you have your children in bed by on a school night?  I am babysitting for a friend tomorrow night for the first time and she informs me that her 8 year and 6 year old do not go to bed until 10pm  and I am wondering if this is the norm for kids that age?

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Does anyone know of any in Beijing this Christmas please?

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I see from an article in China Daily that the wealthy Chinese are not happy with the local education system here and are now buying up private schools in the UK - http://europe.chinadaily.com.cn/world/2015-10/27/content_22298225.htm Woneder what happens when they are not happy with their palaces - perhaps they will set their target at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle!

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Better start buying shares in baby formula companies - apparently some people already have and share prices have gone up overnight.

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any suggestions for easy to make Halloween costumes - I have been landed with making 6 of them!

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I need an pediatrician - english is preferred but not a necessity. thank you.

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How long does it take on the train from Bejing to Hong Kong and is it practical to travel with a baby ?

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Our daughter is visiting China on a school trip, she is lucky enough to be going to a number of places as part of this but in Bejing they have a free day (she is 17) so wants to know what they can do as the normal stuff is catered for as part of the trip.  Shopping is on her list so any advice on markets and what are best buys would be great.

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Is there anywhere that I can get Water Ski lesson in the summer for the children?

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Can someone recommend a Nanny Employment Agency, either here or in UK please.

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Ideas please for getting the kids out over the holidays - outdoors preferably.

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Could anyone recommend a nice seaside resort that will suit all ages from 6 to 76 for a few days break.

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Do they have private midwives over here?

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May need one in July quite a bit, can anyone recommend one please - must have European sitters on their books.

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Anybody know if there are any special events planned for children for the Chinese New Year?

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Any recommendations for an 8 and 10 year old coming from The Netherlands in respect of the best school for them, they are very sporty as well as above average grades currently.

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