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Hi,I need to transfer money to a US bank account from an international account, but I can only transfer it to an IBAN account.I'll likely need to do this in the future as well. My credit union doesn't seem to allow it.Any other options?

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We are visiting China in September and wondered what is the best way to draw money, we do not want to bring cash so are we best getting daily amounts from the 'hole in the wall' or bring travellers cheques.  As we will be visiting some remote areas during our trip are banks easily found everywhere?  Sorry if this a dumb question.

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Recently I've become interested in learning online marketing and maybe building a career in it, but so far I haven't found any good blogs to follow. I like to read someone who works in the industry for insights and general knowledge.

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Can anyone recommend a relocation company?Thank you

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We have quite a few investments in a portfolio, mainly China based companies and I am slightly concerned as whether or not we should move our investments out of China given the current climate.

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Where is China getting all it;s wealth from to invest and buy up property/companies abroad - I gather their manufacturing output is at an all time low so it can't be from that.

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Does anyone know if there is some kind of consumer protection organisation I can contact to deal with an on-line company who have charged me on my credit card for a service I have not received?

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We have just been informed that Barclays are closing our UK bank account, although we have banked with them for years. This is really annoying, as we have UK rentals paid into this account. Any suggestions as to how we can maintain a UK bank account welcome.

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I need to find a lawyer who understands English property law, does anyone know of one here please.

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Is a will written here valid in the UK?

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How soon after moving out of a rental property does the landlord have before he has to return the deposit to us?

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What is the maximum compensation that an airline will give on lost luggage?

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Hi There, Quite an urgent request please. Does anyone know of a good English speaking Vet Thanks so much for any help, it is truly appreciated!

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Recommendations please for an accountant with good knowledge of French tax rules.

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Anyone thinking of buying a property under this scheme as we were may want to read this  http://blogs.angloinfo.com/angloinfo-world-property/2014/04/07/malaysia-foreign-property-buyers-minimum-price-doubles/ It has scuppered our plans to have a holiday/retirement home in Kuala Lumpur.

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Can you have an account with a Chinese bank as well as an international one?  If so what is the requirements to open one.

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Is it possible to travel as a tourist to China and then apply for a work permit or must you get one before you arrive.

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My fiancee lives and works in China (he is an American) however for reasons too lengthy to explain we would like to get married in China, does anyone know if it is possible and what you have to do.  I am based in The Netherlands at the moment but will be joining him in March.

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I would love to go to Tibet, however I am not ure if you need a visa to do so from mainland China, does anyone know if you do and how long it takes to get?

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Where is the best place to get this.  We are off to Thailand for a couple of weeks in February and need to sort this out fairly soon.

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