started by: Dorcas-922508 · last update: 1456713706 · posted: 1456455867

I am pregnant and have a massive craving for Edam Cheese, please tell me where to fond it here in Bejing.

started by: Osric · last update: 1456282333 · posted: 1456184043

Is it availble over here as not seen any in the supermarkets?

started by: Bonniface-10057591 · last update: 1455203765 · posted: 1455153258

My girlfiend is visiting Bejing on business and I want to fly up and surprise her at her hotel as it is going to be on Valentines day when she checks in but I would like to take her somewhere special for dinner, can anyone recommend a really nice restaurant please - French one would be good as she is French.

started by: Rawley · last update: 1451331922 · posted: 1451229150

Is Champagne an apropriate gift to give a Chinese person when invited over for dinner on New Years day? or should it be something else and if so what?

started by: Luce-922509 · last update: 1448466820 · posted: 1448037201

Has anyone ordered stuff from them and if so how long does it take to get here and is anything restricted?

started by: Dorcas-922508 · last update: 1442929947 · posted: 1442929947

The lollipop sticks I have are not strong enough to hold toffee apples, where am I likely to find them here?

started by: Jay-4766 · last update: 1440125592 · posted: 1439674691

Does anyone know of a supermarket, speciality fruit/vegetable market, even fruit/vegetable importer where I could buy 5-10 kg habanero chillies? I make my own fermented hot sauce and so need a largish supply of them with any variety being useful.

started by: Dorcas-922508 · last update: 1438881472 · posted: 1438881472

Anyone seen any, I need it for a recipe and can't find it in Carrefour.

started by: Bambi-623035 · last update: 1438610592 · posted: 1438317198

Does anyone know a specialized Spanish Gourmet store in the city please?

started by: Erin-903729 · last update: 1431980701 · posted: 1431391381

Any ideas where I can get this from?

started by: Bryana-903731 · last update: 1428071903 · posted: 1427551417

Has anyone got a tried and tested recipe for this cake please?

started by: Healey-620001 · last update: 1424664483 · posted: 1424664483

Please can anyone suggest a good supplier of coffee in Beijing?

started by: Reagan · last update: 1423145290 · posted: 1422923484

Why are they so significant and special to the Chinese?

started by: Rawley · last update: 1417004121 · posted: 1416277945

Anyone have a recipe for this please?

started by: Aubine · last update: 1416951308 · posted: 1416235533

Could do with some international ideas for party food for a Kids party - have about 7 nationalities to cater for from Europe and the US and am sure they would like to taste each others food.  Need recipes from: Belgium UK Netherlands Italy Switzerland Portugal and USA

started by: skippy-623467 · last update: 1403545300 · posted: 1403195341

Can anyone recommend one please?

started by: Nettles-903728 · last update: 1403275096 · posted: 1403275096

Where can I get this please - want to make Ginger Beer and need a small amount of it.

started by: Bryana-903731 · last update: 1393255513 · posted: 1392649251

Can you get them over here and if so where - I would like to make some to give as gifts to friends.

started by: Erin-903729 · last update: 1389110142 · posted: 1388761159

I gather that Wallmart has found fox meat in what is supposed to be donkey meat - seriously does anyone European actully buy donkey meat - I have not and never will but interested to know if anyone has?

started by: Bryana-903731 · last update: 1387383230 · posted: 1387319876

Where can I find a box of these need them for Christma as hubbies favourites and have nt seen them anywhere over here.

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