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Can ayone recommend one please - need to address a sore back problem and have used them before in Hong Kong and has worked so would like to try this again here.

started by: Lou Nattick · last update: 1454904305 · posted: 1454195058

Does anyone know a psychiatrist in Beijing that works with ADD/ADHD in adults? Thank you

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Does anyone know where I can buy Kafir Water Grains?

started by: Rawley · last update: 1451574963 · posted: 1451574563

My daughter has had her tooth (cap) knocked out this morning and as she is visiting from the USA and being New Years Eve wants to find a dentist - preferably an American or USA trained one - mine is away so ca anyone recommend where she can go and get this sorted otherwise it will be superglue!

started by: Millie Liter · last update: 1451536458 · posted: 1450890654

Hi, I'm looking for an opthamologist, preferably who speaks English.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

started by: Kirsty K · last update: 1450710103 · posted: 1450412313

Could anyone advise on how I source a good psychiatrist/pyschotherapist, preferably english speaking as the person concerned speaks only English unfortunately.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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We are in Bejing over christmas and wondering how bad 'Red' days are as my wifes parents will be with us and her Father has COPD and need to be careful as he can have breathing problems - any advice?

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Hello ! Would appreciate advice where to buy a violet shampoo toner by Joico or Fudge toning Shampoo.   Thanks a lot!

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We are planning to visit China next year, basing ourselves with friends in Beijing and visiting the usual tourist spots, but we are concerned about the alarming reports in the news about the smog, as my wife has asthma. Is it really as bad as the papers say? When might be the best time of year to visit? Any advice would be most appreciated.

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Hello,   Recommendations please (pref. English speaking) Thanks

started by: Cassie-378121 · last update: 1447952271 · posted: 1447952271

Does anyone know of a good physiotherapist?  I fractured my arm in September and need to improve my range of movement .

started by: Erin-903729 · last update: 1447257511 · posted: 1447081504

How high are they at the moment - I seem to be having a few problems over the weekend and am sure it is due to the smog here.

started by: melanie-379178 · last update: 1446855334 · posted: 1445962363

Can anyone please recommend an English speaking hairdresser good with extensions please? Thanks.

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Can anyone recommend any classes, please?

started by: Joanna-835696 · last update: 1441984281 · posted: 1439751825

Any recommendations, please? (pref. English speaking)

started by: Jay-4766 · last update: 1441421375 · posted: 1439262853

 Just arrived in town and Im looking for some Kundalini yoga classes and also can anyone reccommend a good place/person for deep tissue/sports massage? Thanks

started by: gaia-835697 · last update: 1440689001 · posted: 1440193277

Does anyone know of a great hairdresser that does very good colour? Also who can cut well. I have had bad experiences here??

started by: Lou Nattick · last update: 1438098539 · posted: 1437404097

I am looking for an english speaking accupuncturist. Recommendations welcome!

started by: Victoria-4681 · last update: 1437692723 · posted: 1435781700

Can someone recommend one please?

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