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Hi Can anyone recommend a repairer for a Dyson Vacuum cleaner - needs a new motor Don't mind what area

started by: Dorcas-922508 · last update: 1443964985 · posted: 1442235984

Don't suppose anyone her knows of an odd job person that could do some decorating for me.

started by: Dorcas-922508 · last update: 1442592355 · posted: 1442236178

I don't suppose they do Dulux over here by any chance - if so where can I buy it?

started by: Dorcas-922508 · last update: 1433274305 · posted: 1432942787

One of my email addresses has been hacked - how when I have security do they manage to hack - it is annoying as several friends have been sent some pretty awful links.  This really is annoying me.

started by: Harlequin-922507 · last update: 1430709942 · posted: 1430263750

Are they still banned?

started by: Erin-903729 · last update: 1430056320 · posted: 1429821326

Are they hard to install yourself?  Would like to have a pond and coy with a nice tinkle of water - just find it very relaxing.

started by: Erin-903729 · last update: 1429821210 · posted: 1429821210

I would love to have a small Bonsai garden but where can I learn about caring for them, does anyone know of a class or club you can join?

started by: Rawley · last update: 1424104676 · posted: 1423751879

What does this mean in a rental contract 'Diplomatic clause' came across it in my rental contract and not sure what it is.

started by: Bryana-903731 · last update: 1411568005 · posted: 1411488765

Can you use an Electric BBQ or are all BBQ's banned?

started by: Bryana-903731 · last update: 1411488924 · posted: 1395411035

Has ayone bought a matress from Ikea - just wondered what they were like, my current one is awful so need to get one that has some decent support and a friend suggested IKEA for one.

started by: Nettles-903728 · last update: 1408111255 · posted: 1408111255

As we now have a garden and no longer living in an apartment I would like to grow some plants (or buy them) in pots that will flower for quite a long time.  What do other people with gardens grow over here?

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Are you allowed to bring herb seeds into China anyone know - I have asked my parents to bring some over but not sure if they will be allowed to.

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Looking for a good carpenter to fit a unit in my apartment. Anyone recommend one please.

started by: Aubine · last update: 1390758385 · posted: 1390313762

Which paint is best to use over here - normally back home we would go for Dulux but not sure that you can get it here. 

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Anyone know where I can buy this in bulk?

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Anyone have experience of using them?   My mother-in-law wants to get me some for my birthday.

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can anyone recommend good areas to live in the city. We want something that is well located for international schools and all conveniences. Many thanks  

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