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First, a bit of background:I'm 21 and have worked customer service jobs for the past 5 years (3 retail, 2 IT call centers)I've never been fired and have no criminal recordI'm a college drop out. I studied CS for 2 years before I couldn't justify going further into debt when I was completely unsure of my majorI currently make ~15/hr, but would be willing to go lower (possibly even to minimum) if I could maintain 40 hours a weekI live in central MarylandRight now I'm working at the best shitty job I've ever had, but it's still a shitty job. I hate being talked down to every day by our callers and I hate my company's culture (my immediate team is great, but the rest of the company has a very cold, corporate atmosphere). I would love to do something else, but right now the only jobs I can find for my experience level are customer service or heavy labor.I'm not necessarily looking for a career right now, just looking for something to pay the bills that's a bit more fulfilling.Does anyone have any ideas for jobs that require little to no experience and schooling that aren't customer service based?

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