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Pooch has got cracked paws and a friend back home who is a vet said to get Paw Wax and rub on but have not found any over here, is there anything else I can use.

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Does anyone know how one would go about organising a flight for a dog from Beijing to France? She has a passport already, but we don't know what to do next.   Thank you.

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Does anyone know how one would go about organising a flight for a dog from China to France? She has a passport already, but we don't know what to do next.  Thank you.

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last week I found in the middle of the road a kitten hit by a car, which I thought dead and tried to remove from the street. I realized that it was half alive and took it immediatelly to the vet. And by miracle, he survived. He is a 2 months old kitten, white with grey tail and ears. He is adorable, kind and sweet even in pain. Unfortunatelly the lower part of his front left leg is paralised. He will not have problems living a normal life, but he needs love and a permanent home. I am unable to offer him a home as I travel between here and Hong Kong every other week.

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Are all white kittens deaf, we have been offered one but just a little concered how it will cope being deaf.

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We would like one but would prefer to 'adopt' one if possible, any ideas if theer are specif rescue centres for them over here or is it a case of going to a rescue centre to see if they have one available?

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My wife brought home a kitten which was roaming in the street. She took it to the Vets, to get injections, plus treatment for worms and fleas. We can't keep it being as we travel a lot. Are there any cat rescue centres which might take it? My wife is prepared to make a donation 

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Yulin's annual dog meat festival, I thought that the Chinese were going to ban this - OK I understand that they consider it no different to us eating beef but at least we don't skin the cow alive!  

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Which flea treatment do people use here for their dog?

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Has anyone come across these for dogs, would like to get one for my dog.

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Can anyone tell me where to get  allergen free food `(reccomended by our vet`) for our border collie that has constant skin irritation?

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How do they calculate the cost of flying a dog - we are going to take an extended visit back home and would prefer to take our dog with us if we can.

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How hard are they to keep in an outdoor pond?

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Ca anyone recommend a company who will come in and feed my cat whilst I am away for a month please?

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We are moving to Beijing very soon and are concerned about our pet cat.  What are the rules regarding importing pets?

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Does anyone know if this is sold over here and where do I get it from?

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Can anyone recommend one please?

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I do find some of China's policies on animals a little weird, on one hand they protect Panda's and vow to fight ivory smuggling and on the other see no wrong in allowing two dogs that were shepherd dogs belonging to a farmer to be beaten to death by a crows of neighbours.  Am I the only one who thinks this is just crazy. 

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Is there a company over here that does pet sitting in your own home, I may need one for a few days and don't want to put my cat and dog into kennels or cattery unless I absolutely have too.

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Anyone know of a Hydrotherapy centre for dogs in Bejing?

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