started by: Bryana-903731 · last update: 1454636835 · posted: 1454376426

OK who including me is about to be driven mad by the OH during the 6 Nations - this year I am seriously thinking of going on a very long holiday whilst it is on.

started by: Bambi-623035 · last update: 1452953520 · posted: 1452007778

I am looking to have Tennis Lessons with an english speaking instructor. Any suggestions welcome.

started by: Tracey-621087 · last update: 1452294270 · posted: 1452050841

Hi does anyone know if there is a womens rugby team here in Beijing?

started by: Pardo · last update: 1447437692 · posted: 1447437692

We will be visiting China in December and wondered if the 'Birds Nest' still hold an Ice Festival and if so where can we find out about it?

started by: skippy-623467 · last update: 1445876409 · posted: 1445876409

I am due to be in Beijing next weekend. Would like to be able to watch the RWC Final (on TV). Any thoughts on how/where I will be able to (bearing in mind it will be late Saturday night local time)?

started by: Walnutter-378907 · last update: 1444999199 · posted: 1444829248

Anyone been there at Christmas ?  Just thinking of spending Christmas at a resort rather than at home - if not Huaibei International Ski Resort where should we go? 

started by: Osric · last update: 1442768718 · posted: 1442370212

I don't suppose anyone knows if this is going to be on TV here?

started by: Aubine · last update: 1428593853 · posted: 1428530791

So 66 Golf courses have been illegally built and are now to be closed by the government, 3 of which are in Bejing.  Has anyone any ideas which ones they are as just paid my membership fees for the year!

started by: Bill B-379105 · last update: 1427505665 · posted: 1427382940

Any suggestions, please, as to where I could get some tennis lessons, in English?

started by: Tracey-621087 · last update: 1426004516 · posted: 1425786567

Dear all, Is there a dancing school in Beijing you could recommend to me? We'd like to learn the Waltz and other classic dances. Thank you in advance!

started by: Berkeley-620436 · last update: 1423703418 · posted: 1423355376

Does anyone know if there are any crown bowls associations here?

started by: skippy-623467 · last update: 1423088709 · posted: 1423088709

Is there any way I can watch the forthcoming Rugby 6 Nations matches, on TV or computer? I'd like to see them live, although the hours will be unsociable :-)

started by: Bryana-903731 · last update: 1422668564 · posted: 1422630287

We are booked in at the Jundushan Ski Resort overnight on Saturday as we would like to do a night ski - any tips from anyone on sking at night as never done it before

started by: Harlequin-922507 · last update: 1421414511 · posted: 1421330819

I see that Bejing is to bid for the Winter Olympics in 2022, what a shame that my contract ends in 2020 as I would have liked to have been here for that if the bid is successful.

started by: Jay-4766 · last update: 1415735456 · posted: 1415382629

Any ideas on how I can get to see the UK rugby internationals which are on UK TV tomorrow? (I am happy to watch them on my laptop!!)

started by: Erin-903729 · last update: 1413559452 · posted: 1413465108

Where is the best place do do this and can you take children (14 and 15)

started by: Reagan · last update: 1412207111 · posted: 1411777301

Any teams over here that anyone knows of?

started by: Lou Nattick · last update: 1408634182 · posted: 1407854087

Hi, What stream  web site shows the UK Premiership football games

started by: Finn-925107 · last update: 1406158402 · posted: 1405964553

Moving over soon and as I regularly play squash would like to find a decent squash club and partners to play with - any suggestions please.

started by: Rawley · last update: 1404133865 · posted: 1403790775

Mine needs re-stringing before I can play, any ideas where I can get this done?

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