Holistic Therapy Berlin: Life Coaching with Aromatherapy & Meditation ❣

Posted by: Sarah -Z · 1472384539

Ever think about how your life could be more enjoyable and fulfilling?

Holistic Therapy Berlin supports you in managing your world on a practical level or can go deeper to promote personal transformation. 

Whether you are ready to overcome problems in living, or desire to thrive in areas you currently just survive, here you are offered support and a space to be yourself fully.

LIFE COACHING: counseling with a unique fusion of creative art and clinical experience.

AROMATHERAPY: sensory healing; for mental and emotional wellbeing.

MEDITATION JOURNEYS: personal practices, EEG neuro-feedback, relaxation training, and shamanic drum journeys.

STANDARD PRICE: € 40 per one hour 
25% DISCOUNT FOR STUDENTS: 30 € per one hour

Please feel free to call or email with any questions or to request a complimentary initial meeting. 

Best wishes,